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Sorare is one of the fastest growing online sports entertainment platforms going round, and football in particular has seen a huge rush of interest over the past year.

Combining the ever-popular fantasy football concept with NFTs means you have a market that appeals to your every day football fan, and gives you the chance to own your favourite football players in collectible card form, trade on their performance and claim rewards based on your success.

For everything you need to know about Sorare, what it is, how it works, how to play and how to sign up, visit our main Sorare Football hub that will take you through everything you need to know.

If you need to know about how to play in a bit more depth, then read up on the 101 Great Goals specific guides that will take you through the sign-up process from start to finish, teach you the basics of playing and much more, right here.

How To Start Sorare

Need help in trying to set up a Sorare account and pick your first team?

Our guide will tell you everything you need to know on how to start playing Sorare, and even provide the best sign-up offer to get started and get the best rewards from playing.

Here are some of the basic steps to follow in order to get started on Sorare:

  1. Sign up to Sorare via the link below
  1. Select the Amateur league you wish to play in - more leagues will open up once you have entered your first team including the more competitive ones, but entering an amateur league will help you get used to the nuts and bolts
  2. Build your squad - you will be asked to select a squad of eight players - two from each position - using a budget based on the recent performance of players. Players will earn points in each gameweek based on performance, so keep that in mind
  3. Compose your lineup - A lineup is made up of your top five players. Pick one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward and one more from any position. As you will only be using five players, that means you can balance out the value of players between starters and non-starters
  4. Enter your team!

After these basic steps that will help you get your foot into the amateur leagues, you can start exploring the sales markets, auction house and start building your collection of limited/rare/super rare/unique cards (if you choose to deposit money into your account).

Once you have built up a portfolio of cards, you can start looking at some of the more competitive leagues at various levels of rarity and compete for some real prizes.

For more on how to start Sorare, read our more in-depth guide.

Capped Modes

Once you have got started in the amateur leagues and got used to the way Sorare works, you may be tempted to start looking at the capped modes, which will require a portfolio of paid-for cards of varying rarities in order to enter.

The ‘cap’ refers to the combined L15 (average score in their last 15 matches) score of players selected.

Here is a brief breakdown of some of the capped leagues available.

There are three capped leagues:

  • Cap 220 - Limited - you may pick one Common Card for this league, but your five players must have not have a combined average score of over 220.
  • Cap 240 - Limited- financial rewards ($5) are available in this league, if you score 250 points in the gameweek. Rare Cards are also available as a reward, but you must pick your side from a pool of Limited Cards only with a combined score below 240.
  • Cap 270 - Limited - this is the least popular of the three capped leagues but is generally easier to enter a team despite needing five Limited Cards. Again, Limited and Rare Cards are available in the rewards.

The higher you go up, the same format is replicated. So when you have a Cap 270 - Rare league, it is the same format but you replace Limited Cards with Rare Cards.

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