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If you prefer a bit more of a long-read, the 101 Great Goals features section is the place for you.

Rather than cover breaking news, here you will find opinion pieces, studies, guides and even odds guides to different teams and tournaments, and maybe even a hint or two on the latest Fantasy Premier League action throughout the year.

Our team of writers follow the game fanatically so this is the place to get the best insight and analysis.

What are 101 Great Goals features?

We provide all the latest breaking news, transfers, injuries, results and rumours in our News, Transfers and Top Stories sections, but the Features section is for those who prefer a bit of an alternative read on everything football related.

If you prefer longer reads on the hottest prospects in European football, or are interested in the latest player ratings from one of the biggest games of the weekend, or perhaps a bit of fun with a combined XI ahead of a particularly high profile match, the Features section of 101 Great Goals is the place for you.

Get stuck into some of our longer reads or opinion pieces from our dedicated team of passionate writers.

Our features section covers a multitude of angles, such as fan reaction on a game day, player profiles on the hottest prospects in the game and opinion pieces. The content here is very varied, meaning there is something for everyone.
The features section is updated on a weekly, often daily basis. There will be some weekly features appearing regularly but also some stories that appear on a one-off basis.
All the content produced in the features section comes directly from our team of passionate writers, using their own insight and opinions to influence their work.

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