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Paddy Power Live Streaming: Overview

At 101 Great Goals, we strive to find the answer to ‘how can I watch’ any sporting event online.

One of the best solutions to all you sporting live streaming needs is to turn to Paddy Power.

While Paddy Power are known worldwide for being a bookmaker, Paddy Power also offer an extensive live streaming platform that’s perfect for diehard football and sport fans.

In this article we’ll go into all the details of the Paddy Power live streaming service.

This includes comprehensive explanations for how to sign up for the Paddy Power live streaming service, deposit requirements, geo-restrictions, scheduling, how to watch the best sporting events online from any device, and more.

How to Sign Up for the Paddy Power Live Streaming service

Paddy Power’s live streaming service is one of the most comprehensive of any online bookmaker.

Whether it’s football, tennis, golf or another sport, Paddy Power have thousands of events available online every year.

Here are the instruction to sign up to the Paddy Power live streaming platform.

  1. Sign up with Paddy Power
  2. Click ‘Watch Live‘ tab
  3. Make sure you have a funded account (Note, to watch horse racing you must place a bet. More below)
  4. Watch the sporting event on Paddy Power

Access the Paddy Power live streaming service on your computer or on your hand held device, be it an iPhone, iPad or Android.

Paddy Power Live Streaming: Deposit requirements

One of the key differentiators between Paddy Power’s live streaming service and others in the online broadcasting space is cost.

Once you’re signed up to Paddy Power, the majority of the events available for live streaming are free, provided you have a funded account.

To quote Paddy power themselves, “Paddy Power offers live sports streaming for free on several our mobile in-play events including football, tennis and golf. You only need to be logged in to access the streams.”

There is an exception to this rule, however: horse-racing.

If you want to watch a live stream of a horse race on Paddy Power, you need (1) a funded account and (2) place a minimum bet of £/€1 on the race.

If I already have a Paddy Power account, how can I use the live streaming platform?

If you’re already signed up to Paddy Power and you have a funded account, you do not need to make any further deposit to watch many live streams on the platform.

Just to make sure it’s crystal clear, if you don’t have a funded account, then you will need to make a deposit to watch sporting events with Paddy Power.

However, if you want to watch a horse racing event, then you need to have placed a bet to gain live streaming access.

How can I access Paddy Power Live Streaming service?

The Paddy Power live streaming service is available on all laptops, computers, mobile and tablet devices.

You can access this content on Paddy Power’s website, or via their mobile app.

Here are the step-by-step instructions explaining how you can live streaming events on Paddy Power.

In this example, we’ll explain how to watch a tennis event.

  • Click on the ‘Tennis’ icon in the top navigation bar 📷
  • Scroll through the available markets and locate the ‘Play’ icon next to the start time of any event 📷
  • Click the ‘Watch’ icon to gain entry into the live stream 📷

Sports shown on the Paddy Power Live Streaming service

Paddy Power offers live streaming events for the following sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhounds

Below we’ll go into greater detail about these live streams which are available on Paddy Power.

Watching football on Paddy Power

While Paddy Power does offer football live streams on their platform, their offering isn’t as comprehensive as some alternative options.

Many of the top leagues and competitions in world football, including the Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga and La Liga, aren’t avialable on Paddy Power.

Instead, Paddy Power’s football live streaming product often centres around niche games.

Importantly, you only need to be logged in to access these football streams. Put another way, there is no obligation on Paddy Power to bet on these football matches in order to watch them.

If you have a funded account, you have access to football live streams on Paddy Power for no extra cost.

Watching basketball on Paddy Power

Paddy Power live stream basketball from all over the world on their platform.

That includes many matches from European domestic leagues.

As mentioned above, basketball live streaming on Paddy Power is free of charge provided users have a funded account.

Watching tennis on Paddy Power

Whether you’re a ATP or WTA tennis fan, Paddy Power will usually have the event you want to watch available for live streaming on their platform.

Paddy Power’s online tennis coverage is extensive. It includes some of the more minor events on the circuit, as well as the four Grand Slams: Wimbledon, US Open, Roland Garros and the Australian Open.

Again, these tennis matches can be live streamed for free to Paddy Power users with a funded account.

Watching horse racing on Paddy Power

When it comes to live streaming horse racing online, Paddy Power’s service is amongst the very best.

Paddy Power pride themselves on offering their users a fully-stacking horse-racing live streaming schedule.

If there’s a horse race happening in any part of the world – whether it’s in England, Ireland, France, America or South Africa – that race is almost certainly going to be shown on Paddy Power.

Of course, you can watch events like Cheltenham and Royal Ascot on Paddy Power.

Geo-restrictions & Paddy Power live streaming

Paddy Power’s live streaming service is sometimes subject to geo-restrictions.

In order to know any geo-restriction applies to watching a live sporting event in your region, we’d advise you to contact Paddy Power directly to check.

Paddy Power live streaming: A slight delay

A key point: Events broadcasted on Paddy Power can be subjected to a minor time delay.

On their website, Paddy Power explain how time delays can impact watching a specific sporting event:

“Streams are provided by third parties and subject to a 2-5 second delay, in some cases however the stream may be more significantly delayed.”

Live streaming & in-game betting with Paddy Power

One of the key benefits of watching live sport on Paddy Power is that punters can easily bet on the event while it’s in-play.

Remember, as stated above, Paddy Power’s live stream can be subjected to a time delay. So please bare that in mind when betting in-play.

Live streaming on Paddy Power: Other benefits

In this section, we want to highlight some of the other benefits of using the Paddy Power live streaming service.

  • Immediacy: Paddy Power’s users immediately gain access to the live streaming service once they sign up to the bookmaker and fund their account.
  • Legal: When you watch an event on Paddy Power, you can rest assured that the event is being broadcasted legally.
  • Quality: As Paddy Power have legal rights to live stream these events, users can watch the action in superb quality.

Paddy Power’s live streaming service: Conclusion

Horse racing fans will love Paddy Power’s live streaming service.

While Paddy Power may not have the same amount of football live streams as some competitors in the market, the Irish bookmakers do have an edge when it comes to the amount of horse racing they have on offer.

Also, Paddy Power do show an extensive amount of football, basketball and tennis on their platform.

When you watch any event on Paddy Power, the picture quality is excellent, and the stream is reliable.

Paddy Power’s service is a valuable tool for users who enjoy in-play betting.

However, the most appealling feature of Paddy Power’s live streaming service is the cost. It’s free for all existing users with funded accounts, save for horse racing (see above).

In conclusion, Paddy Power’s live streaming service may not show every event you want to watch, however it’s incredibly cheap, fully dependable, and available on all devices. That makes it a truly valuable service to have access to.

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