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When do new Sorare cards come out?

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New cards come out each season on Sorare for each league, making them the latest and immediately the most valuable of that type of card on the market.

This means that any cards you have from previous seasons will lose a little bit of value, but remember, if you have accrued a lot of XP on a card then that will help to keep their value high.

For example, an Erling Haaland Limited card from the 2022/23 season will be bumped down in price once the Limited card for the 2023/24 season cards come out, but if you have used the older card a lot and built up a lot of XP, then bidders are likely to go quite high in order to get what is essentially a boosted card.

When do the new season cards come out?

The new season cards are likely to be out at the end of August, according to Sorare.

The typical trend over recent years has seen cards released two or three weeks after the start of the new Premier League season, once the majority of transfers have gone through and media days completed with the latest pictures taken in the new kits for the cards.

The first batch of new cards were released on Wednesday 23 August, with Second Division and Challenger Europe cards for selected clubs released, with Norwich and Watford among the clubs to have their players released on the market.

The new cards for Champion and Challenger leagues will be out soon, so for the first few weeks of the season you may be competing with last season’s cards - but be careful of being too active in the market. It could be worth waiting for the new release of cards to get your desired players, and once those cards are released there is likely to be a drop in price for last season’s cards.

What else is changing on Sorare this season?

Sorare has announced that the 2023/24 season will see the introduction of longer-format competitions, with long-format leaderboards added to Global All-Star.

In an update in July, Sorare announced the following changes:

  • Starting September, Global All Star competitions will have two leaderboards: short and long-format
  • Long-format leaderboards run across eight Game Weeks
  • For the first long-format leaderboard, your top-four scores only will accumulate toward your final leaderboard score
  • To compete in the long-format leaderboard, you just need to submit a team into the Global All Star Competition
  • Balance existing Global All Star rewards across long-format and short-format prize pools. The long-format competition will reward fewer rewards than the short-format, but top performers will be rewarded with epic prizes.
  • Card rewards will be announced in greater details, including the exact card rewards for podium finishes ahead of the first long-format competition
  • VIP tickets and experience rewards for top spot finishers on special occasions

They also announced a new Kick-Off mode, describing it as: “We are working on a brand new game mode which will initially launch on our mobile app. Please note that Kick-Off game mode is very different from the current Kick-Off competition, and that the Kick-Off competition and Kick-Off game mode naming could change.”

“This new game mode will be a quick, social, and mobile-first experience where you can play with or against your friends in specific match modes every day.

“At the bar with your friends to watch your favorite derby? All of you can open up the Sorare app, select your five-card derby lineup of players, and prove once and for all who knows football best! (Newsflash: It will always be you, the Sorare OG.)”

Other features that will be explored in further detail include:

  • Training centre
  • Physio centre
  • Fitness bonus
  • Collection bonus

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