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When picking your Sorare teams or deciding who to look at in the market, utilizing the vast amounts of Sorare data available is essential to maximise your chances and improve your efficiency at every level.

With so many players and leagues licensed within Sorare, there are simply too many players to keep track of by yourself and it can sometimes be a mistake just to pick the easy, high-profile players and expect a return on them.

Thankfully, Sorare data can do a lot of the heavy lifting for us and give us the best insight into previously unheard of players that may be teetering on a breakthrough run of form, massively undervalued or just reliable points scorers, and help you ‘Moneyball’ your way to success.

In this guide, we will go through the basics of Sorare data and how you can use the vast amount of data available to attack gameweeks or auction house and become more successful at the game.

What is Sorare data?

Sorare data is a website that tracks the performance, scores, market value and more of every player licensed in Sorare. You can look at the performance of a player over a sustained period, consider the fluctuating scores and the reasons behind it, the breakdown of their scores and their fluctuating market value by whatever scarcity of card you’re interested in.

While you can delve deep into individual players, perhaps the key tool is the scouting tool on Sorare data. This helps you find the most in-form players either in the L5m L15 or L40 periods, and filter by position, division, age and more. Once you have found what you are looking for, then you can click into each player and do your research that way.

This makes it easier to unearth some hidden gems in Sorare that may not have the highest profile, but are highly efficient points scorers and available to pick up at a bargain price.

By using Sorare data, you can look beyond the obvious selections and really step up your Sorare game.

Here are some examples of how you can use Sorare data to look at player performance:

This view enables you to see the basic information on Erling Haaland, such as his form over the last five/15/40 games - with the percentage of matches he has played in that time underneath his score.

You can also see the base price for that card for each scarcity - this means that the cheapest Haaland Limited card on the market that you will be able to find to buy will set you back £293.

The above chart shows the individual scores for Haaland in each gameweek. The more green you see, the better the performances have been. In the case of Haaland, he has performed pretty spectacularly over a long period of time!


Scouting is arguably the most important tool when using Sorare data. It enables you to filter by league, by position and by age and then let you select based on the best L5/L15/L40 form.

This helps you to find some unknown players that score well on Sorare despite not being hosuehold names. From the list above, you might look at Emanuel Reynoso or Yoann Barbet as really good options to pursue as their lower profile might mean you can get them at a lower price.

Alternatively, you can find players in red hot form in anticipation of a sustained run of form. So they might not necessarily have a strong L40 score, but that might change if their L5 remains high.

It’s this method of scouting that gives you the best chance of approaching Sorare in a similar way to Moneyball - essentially buying low and selling high, or buying low but with high output.

There is plenty to get stuck into when using Sorare data, with way more options available if you choose the premium plan - though there is still plenty available using the free sign-up which we have done.

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