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What are Sorare capped modes?

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Playing Sorare gives you the chance to enter leagues at varying levels, depending on your experience, the value of your squad and the make-up of your portfolio.

The Amateur leagues are completely free-to-play and is made up of using Common cards – which you will not own – while the semi-pro and pro leagues involve using Limited cards. However there is a step beyond the semi-pro and pro leagues, which is where the capped modes come into play.

Read below for everything you need to know about the capped modes and how they work.

Sorare capped modes

The capped leagues must be made up of Limited/Rare/Super Rare/Unique cards – although the Cap 220 – Limited can include one Common card (in 220 Rare, one Limited card may be used and so on) – from any league around the world.

The reason they are capped however, is because the points total accrued by your team over the last 15 matches (that’s the L15 score remember) must come under the cap. This means you can’t just pick an all-star team of Limited/Rare cards, but must be canny in picking players whose scores aren’t too high, but can still record good scores.

There are three capped leagues across each scarcity of card:

  • Cap 220 – your five players must not have a combined average L15 score of over 220.
  • Cap 240 – financial rewards are available in this league if you score 250 points in the gameweek. Cards (the scarcity depends on whether you enter the Limited/Rare/Super Rare/Unique league) are also available as a reward, but you must pick your side from a pool of cards with a combined L15 score below 240.
  • Cap 270 – this is the least popular of the three capped leagues but is generally easier to enter a team due to the higher points cap. Again, cards are available in the rewards.


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