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How the Sorare scoring matrix works

How the Sorare scoring matrix works

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The Sorare scoring system is quite complex, but the basics mean players get points based on performance metrics such as passes completed, shots on target, entries into the opposition area, diving saves, catches from crosses etc.

If a player scores a goal or is credited with an assist, then they will earn a decisive score which makes up the majority of their overall score (which is a combination of the decisive score and all-round score).

Decisive Score

Here is how the decisive score is broken down:

Positive ImpactNegative Impact
GoalRed card
AssistOwn goal
Penalty wonPenalty conceded
Clearance off the lineError leading to goal
Clean sheet (only for a goalkeeper)Conceding three or more (only a goalkeeper)
Penalty save
Last man tackle

As per Sorare, this is how they describe the scoring system:

  • The decisive score totals statistics that have a direct impact on a game (e.g. goal, assist, red card)
  • The all-round score totals statistics during a game that are less obvious to track but are valuable when evaluating a player’s overall performance and impact on a game
  • The maximum player score is 100
  • The minimum player score is 0
  • If a player has two games in one week, only one game will be counted for scoring

All-round score

The all-round score is calculated across four categories:

  • General – yellow cards, fouls, times fouled, errors leading to a shot, clean sheet
  • Defensive – goals conceded, effective clearance, tackles won, blocked crosses, outfield blocks
  • Possession – possession lost, possession won, duels lost, duels won, interceptions won
  • Passing – big chances created, accurate passes, successful final third passes, accurate long balls, missed passes
  • Attacking – shots on target, contests won, penalty area entries, penalties missed, big chances missed
  • Goalkeeping – saves, saves in the box, high claims, punches, diving saves, diving catches, crosses not claimed, smothers

Example of Sorare scores

Here is an example of a gameweek score and how it is broken down, using New England Revolution’s Carles Gil performance in Gameweek 388.

The goal he scored gave him a decisive score of 60, and the accumulation of his other scores gave him an overall of 92 - a brilliant Sorare score.

As per, here is how it broke down.





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