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Sorare is an exciting Blockchain-powered fantasy football game that offers users the opportunity to trade players, participate in tournaments, and vie for valuable prizes worth thousands of pounds every week.

One of the game’s notable features is its remarkable system, wherein player cards are limited in availability. This scarcity enhances the value of owning top-tier players, benefiting both their performance on the field and their trade potential.

With each season, a finite supply of cards is released, and these cards do not expire. Additionally, the tournaments are free to enter, allowing players to participate in as many tournaments as they desire without any limitations.

Sorare football made a significant announcement by forming a partnership with the English Premier League in 2023, a move that brought arguably the world’s biggest league onto their platform.

What distinguishes Sorare from its competitors is the exceptional caliber of prizes offered, the utilization of official blockchain cards.

How to play Sorare

Setting up a Sorare account and team is straightforward, you can join via the 101 Great Goals offer below, which will entitle you to a free card once you have made five signings to your portfolio.

Our latest Sorare guide will focus on how to play the game. Follow the steps below to enter your first Sorare team, and then we can look at how to navigate the rest of the platform.

  1. Select the Amateur league you wish to play in - more leagues will open up once you have entered your first team including the more competitive ones, but entering an amateur league will help you get used to the nuts and bolts
  2. Build your squad - you will be asked to select a squad of eight players - two from each position - using a budget based on the recent performance of players. Players will earn points in each gameweek based on performance, so keep that in mind
  3. Compose your lineup - A lineup is made up of your top five players. Pick one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward and one more from any position. As you will only be using five players, that means you can balance out the value of players between starters and non-starters
  4. Enter your team!

After these basic steps that will help you get your foot into the amateur leagues, you can start exploring the sales markets, auction house and start building your collection of limited/rare/super rare/unique cards (if you choose to deposit money into your account).

Once you have built up a portfolio of cards, you can start looking at some of the more competitive leagues at various levels of rarity and compete for some real prizes.

Which Sorare leagues to enter

Sorare offers a variety of exciting ways for individuals to get involved in the game. Whether you’re interested in investing in collectible cards, engaging in profitable buying and selling activities, or simply competing in leagues for rewards, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular ways to participate and how Sorare operates within each of these categories:

Free-to-play competitions

The most widely favored form of competition is through free-to-play competitions, specifically the “Amateur” leagues such as Premier League Amateur. In these leagues, participants are allocated a points budget of 400 and are required to assemble a squad of 8 players (two goalkeepers, two defenders, two midfielders, and two forwards). From this squad, a team of five players (one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward, and one additional outfield player) is selected. The performance of this team during each gameweek determines the points earned.

Similar to fantasy football, players receive points based on their performances, with designated captains earning boosted scores. At the end of the gameweek, participants become eligible for rewards, which in the Amateur leagues consist of tiered collectible cards.


The semi-pro leagues serve as stepping stones towards greater rewards and are intended for those ready to invest in their teams. To participate in these leagues, you must possess one Limited card in addition to four common cards (the free ones used in the Amateur leagues).

Your Limited card automatically becomes your captain, earning boosted points, while the remaining players in your team can be chosen freely, as long as they fit within the points budget specified for Amateur teams. Similar to the Amateur leagues, you can enter a team into each of the top five European leagues, and rewards once again consist of tiered collectible cards. The maximum number of Limited Cards allowed for entry into the Semi-Pro leagues is 10.

Capped leagues

The capped leagues must be made up of Limited/Rare Cards - although the Cap 220 - Limited can include one Common Card (in 220 Rare, one Limited Card may be used and so on) - from any league around the world. The reason they are capped however, is because the points total accrued by you team (that’s the L15 score remember) must come under the cap. This means you can’t just pick an all-star team of Limited/Rare Cards, but must be canny in picking players whose scores aren’t too high, but can still record good scores.

There are three capped leagues:

  • Cap 220 - Limited - you may pick one Common Card for this league, but your five players must have not have a combined average score of over 220.
  • Cap 240 - Limited- financial rewards ($5) are available in this league, if you score 250 points in the gameweek. Rare Cards are also available as a reward, but you must pick your side from a pool of Limited Cards only with a combined score below 240.
  • Cap 270 - Limited - this is the least popular of the three capped leagues but is generally easier to enter a team despite needing five Limited Cards. Again, Limited and Rare Cards are available in the rewards.

The higher you go up, the same format is replicated. So when you have a Cap 270 - Rare league, it is the same format but you replace Limited Cards with Rare Cards.

Champion leagues

This is where the leagues go a bit more in depth. You can pick from either the Champion Europe, Champion Asia, Champion America or Challenger Europe leagues as an example, where you must have a portfolio of players from the corresponding areas.

There are many more leagues you can enter but these are the best ones to start your journey in, and once you’ve made your way beyond that - the world is your oyster!

Sorare rewards

In Sorare, rewards come in a diverse range, including various types of cards such as Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique Cards, each available at different levels. Additionally, there are cash prizes and points that can be utilised to earn XP for your players.

While achieving success may require persistence, the potential rewards are significant, with thousands of pounds available to be won each gameweek. Moreover, astute investments can lead to profitable reselling opportunities, further increasing your financial gains.

The distribution of card rewards is based on your performance, with higher-tiered cards being awarded to those who finish higher up in the rankings.

For example, the prize pool in the Pro leagues is set out as follows:

1st place – Star Limited Card

2-5 – Tier 1 Limited Card

6-20 – Tier 2

21 – 80 – Tier 3

81-150 – Tier 4

151 – 200 – Tier 5

The Cap 240 leagues offer a $5 reward if you score 250 points in the gameweek.

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