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Two Spanish Managers Battling for Premier League Title. These are Their Words

The Premier League has been a successful place for Spanish managers over the years.

Pep Guardiola and Mikel Arteta, the tale of two Spaniards who played and managed together now must face off against each other for the Premier League trophy. 

While the historic bond between the pair can never be broken, both parties have said how their relationship has “had to change”, especially now their sides are both in touching distance of the title.

The Arsenal head coach said: 

“It had to change, my admiration and what I feel for him certainly hasn’t. In my opinion he’s the best coach in the world by a mile and he’s one of the nicest people that I’ve met in football.

Certainly he’s one of the ones that I’ve had the most fun and laughter working with. That’s going to stay there forever.

At the moment the rules are what they are and you’re going to have to adapt to it”. 

Guardiola has frequently come out in support of Arteta too, saying that all of his success is entirely made by him and he himself “learned alot from him” too in their time in management together. 

“All the success he has belongs absolutely to Mikel and his people at Arsenal, not me. 

People say ‘he was with Pep and learned a lot’. I learned a lot from him”, said the Manchester City boss.

Master vs Apprentice

Guardiola and Arteta’s relationship goes back as long as 25 years, when they first met at Barcelona as players. More recent events have made this tale of two Spanish managers up against each other even more special. 

When Guardiola took over the Manchester City job, a then recently retired 34-year-old Arsenal player was hired as his assistant. 

Mikel Arteta, fresh off the pitch went on to learn from one of the greatest managers in the world as part of his team right up until 2019 when he left to take up the position of Arsenal’s first team manager.

Now, the pair are at one of the highest levels of management just one game away from one of the winning the Premier League title.

Spanish managers in the Premier League

The Premier League has been a successful place for Spanish managers over the years. 

Roberto Martinez led Wigan to an FA Cup win despite being relegated, while Rafa Benitez had many years of success at Liverpool and Chelsea. 

Unai Emery first of Arsenal and now Aston Villa who has taken the midlands club into the Champions League 

Most recently was the appointment of Andoni Iraola to Bournemouth. After a great first season in England’s top flight, he has taken The Cherries to their highest points total ever earning a contract extension by the south coast club.

Will we see an influx of Spanish managers heading to the English top flight after the success of late?

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