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Sorare Review and Sign-Up Bonus

Welcome Offer

Register using our link and claim a Free Limited Card, after buying five cards from auction.

How does it work?

Build your lineups, join the biggest competitions and compete for real prizes.

What rewards are available?

Win real world rewards such as jerseys, match tickets and cash.

Is the value secure?

All cards have a value on Ethereum blockchain, making all investments secure.


What is Sorare

Sorare is an online sports entertainment platform that sees players compete for cash and digital collectibles through a fantasy football-style game.

Players can compete in free-to-play games or invest money to compete in bigger leagues and for bigger prizes, building teams of trading-card style assets based on real-life footballers, with their own performance dictating the value and price of each card.

A Sorare card grants you the ability to participate in Sorare football competitions, possess it as a collector’s item, transfer it to alternative platforms, sell or exchange it, utilise it in other games, establish your own game where it can be employed, and more.

Sorare is essentially where Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) meets fantasy football, with performances on the pitch dictating market prices for each card but cards also limited in their scarcity – making them real collectibles – and providing legitimate value on the Ethereum blockchain.

Sorare has official licences with 42+ football leagues, almost 250 clubs and can count high profile professionals such as Gerard Pique, Timo Werner, Frenkie De Jong and Joao Felix among their active players, while the company itself has been valued at around $4.3bn – which has established them as a platform with a huge future.

Sorare sign-up offer

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Our Sorare coverage

101 Great Goals will be producing regular content across the following leagues in Sorare:

Sorare Review

Find out everything you need to know about playing Sorare in our Sorare sign-up offer review. We will explain how to pick a team, how to build a side/portfolio, the right cards to target, how much money could be involved and the best ways to navigate Sorare’s transfer market.


To enter a team to enter into the amateur leagues, you need to pick five players based on their SO5 (last five average) score, with one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, an attacker and an extra player from any one of those positions.

You will select a squad of two players from each position given an overall budget that is met through the accumulation of the S05 scores, and then the final side is selected from there each week, Your players will earn XP every week so it is best not to chop and change too much, but try and keep a consistent side that will score highly every week.

The paid leagues work in a similar way in terms of team building, point caps etc, but you will only be allowed to play certain cards in these leagues.

Get started by accessing our Sorare sign-up offer and bonuses below.

Card Rarity

Here we will explain what the different levels of cards are in Sorare, and how they affect prices and popularity.


Limited Cards have a gold background, and means that every season there are 1,000 of those cards released. So if you are lucky enough to buy an Erling Haaland Limited Card, you have one of 1,000 Limited Haaland cards released in the 2022/23 season. These are generally the cheapest collectible cards on the market and where you can find the best value. You will need to have a selection of Limited Cards in order to compete in the more advanced leagues.


Rare Cards are where you start to see the prices really start to increase, with just 100 Rare Cards for each player released each season and with a red background. Again a Rare Card will open up more leagues to enter into with an even better chance of winning rewards, but you must be prepared to fork out into three figures for one of these.

Super Rare

The next level up is Super Rare Cards, of which just 10 are released each season with a blue background. The same players are available, the only difference is their scarcity. Super Rare Cards tend to be expensive due to their scarcity, with Super Rare Erling Haaland cards going for as much as £17,000 as recently as April 2023.


The most expensive cards on the market are the Uniques, which have a black background with just one card released per season. These open up the most elite leagues, but they will set you back some serious money! The 2022/23 Kylian Mbappe Unique Card was released upon his promotion to French captaincy and he eventually went for £158,038.43 – though that was about half the price paid for the previous season’s Unique Card.

Player Edition

Sorare also releases a Player Edition card every season, one for every professional footballer who has a Sorare account. They appear as the Rare minted cards, but have a player signature on the card face, making them truly the most unique card on the game. There is only one produced for each active player per season and are given directly to that player, but they can be traded on the manager market if the player decides to put it up for sale, making it one of the most valuable types of card out there

Buying Sorare Cards

Managers can strengthen their Sorare portfolio through the addition of player cards that can then be used to score points. You can buy players either through Auction House or manager sales, and we have explained the difference between the two below.

Auction House

The Auction House is one of the main ways to purchase new cards on Sorare. Fresh cards will be released to the market for players to bid on and purchase, but as the name suggests, you will be competing against other users in the market which could lead the prices escalating before the end of the auction – but it does mean you could snare a player for lower than their market value.

If you sign up using the 101 Great Goals offer below, you will get one free Limited Card after purchasing five items, no matter how much you spend. So don’t miss out!

Manager Sales

When not using Auction House or winning cards through your team performance, the other way to acquire players is through the manager sales market. If you own a card, you can list him on what is effectively a transfer market for other managers to make an offer.

You can either choose to meet the price set by the owner or make an offer below their valuation, while you can also offer cards in exchange.

The market is constantly evolving, with Sorare introducing the ‘list or play’ rule which means any players listed on the market are unavailable to be selected in the upcoming gameweek, and the manager sales tax, which means a 5% cut of the fee will go to Sorare.

As with everything in Sorare, there are tricks to using the market to your advantage. Player valuation can fluctuate on a daily basis and with the majority of sides being picked later in the week, this is when prices can be at their highest as managers are looking to fill holes in their portfolio. Canny managers will tend to buy at the start of the week, before form figures have been updated and dictated any changes in valuation.

Selling Players in Sorare

If you have invested in a card that has not performed as you would have wanted, or even seen the value of that card rocket since adding it to your portfolio, you may want to sell it on and either make a profit, or free up some room in your collection.

Selling players is a fairly straightforward process, but you need to make sure you have valued your players accurately. The valuation of a player is dictated by a number of things such as recent performances, L15 scores, age (the younger the better), XP gained, upcoming fixtures, international status and card scarcity, and can fluctuate on a weekly basis. There are tools such as that you can use that will show you the market value of each card.

Be careful when selling however. As mentioned above, there is the ‘list or play’ rule which means you cannot select a player you have listed for sale in a team for a gameweek, and the manager sales tax, which means you will lose out on 5% of the overall fee when selling, with that money going to Sorare.

Sorare Trading

If you don’t have money or Ethereum to hand to spend on strengthening your portfolio, you could turn to trading cards in a bid to get the card you’re after. If buying, you can find the card either on the market or not that you wish to buy and choose to offer one or more of your own cards in exchange for the one that you want. The cards do not have to have equal value, but your chances of securing a successful deal are improved if you offer something valuable in return for the card you want.

How does Sorare work?

There are many different ways in which to get involved with Sorare. Whether that is investing money into having your own collectible cards, buying and selling to make a profit, or simply competing in leagues against others and contesting for rewards, there is something for everybody.

Here is a look at some of the most popular ways to get involved, and how Sorare works with each one.

Free-to-play competitions

The most popular form of competing is through the free-to-play competitions, known as ‘Amateur’ competitions such as Premier League Amateur. You will be given a points budget of 400 and you must simply pick a squad of 8 (two goalkeepers, two defender, two midfielders and two forwards), before narrowing that down to a playing team of five (one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward and one other outfield player) – it is that team that will then earn you points for each gameweek.

Players will earn points in a similar way to fantasy football, with nominated captains earning boosted totals and the total accrued over the gameweek will put you in contention for a reward – which in the Amateur leagues are tiered collectible cards.


The semi-pro leagues are the first steps on the road towards big rewards, when you have decided you are ready to invest in your team. To compete in the semi-pro leagues, you must have one Limited card in addition to four common cards – the free ones you use to enter the Amateur leagues.

Your Limited card will automatically be selected as your captain who will earn boosted points but the rest of your team can be whoever you like – as long as they are within the points budget that make up the Amateur teams. As with the Amateur leagues, you can enter a team into each of the top five European leagues, and prizes are again tiered collectible cards meaning the better you do, the better quality of card you will win.

You can only have 10 Limited Cards maximum to enter the Semi-Pro leagues.

Copped leagues

  • The capped leagues must be made up of Limited/Rare Cards – although the Cap 220 – Limited can include one Common Card (in 220 Rare, one Limited Card may be used and so on) – from any league around the world. The reason they are capped however, is because the points total accrued by you team (that’s the L15 score remember) must come under the cap. This means you can’t just pick an all-star team of Limited/Rare Cards, but must be canny in picking players whose scores aren’t too high, but can still record good scores.

There are three capped leagues:

  • Cap 220 – Limited – you may pick one Common Card for this league, but your five players must have not have a combined average score of over 220.
  • Cap 240 – Limited– financial rewards ($5) are available in this league, if you score 250 points in the gameweek. Rare Cards are also available as a reward, but you must pick your side from a pool of Limited Cards only with a combined score below 240.
  • Cap 270 – Limited – this is the least popular of the three capped leagues but is generally easier to enter a team despite needing five Limited Cards. Again, Limited and Rare Cards are available in the rewards.

The higher you go up, the same format is replicated. So when you have a Cap 270 – Rare league, it is the same format but you replace Limited Cards with Rare Cards.

Champion leagues

This is where the leagues go a bit more in depth. You can pick from either the Champion Europe, Champion Asia, Champion America or Challenger Europe leagues as an example, where you must have a portfolio of players from the corresponding areas.

There are many more leagues you can enter but these are the best ones to start your journey in, and once you’ve made your way beyond that – the world is your oyster!

Sorare rewards

Once you have used the Sorare sign-up offer, there are plenty of rewards and Sorare bonuses available, including winning cards – Limited, Rare, Super Rare and Unique Cards are all available at some level – to cash prizes and in some cases, points that can be reused to earn XP for your players.

It can take some perseverance to start winning, but there are thousands of pounds available to win each gameweek – never mind the money you can get from shrewd investments before reselling at a profit.

Card rewards are split out depending on your performance, with higher tiered cards handed out the higher up you finish.

For example, the prize pool in the Pro leagues is set out as follows:

  • 1st place – Star Limited Card
  • 2-5 – Tier 1 Limited Card
  • 6-20 – Tier 2
  • 21 – 80 – Tier 3
  • 81-150 – Tier 4
  • 151 – 200 – Tier 5

The Cap 240 leagues offer a $5 reward if you score 250 points in the gameweek.

Get started now with our Sorare sign-up offer!

How does Sorare point scoring work?

The Sorare scoring system is quite complex, but the basics mean players get points based on performance metrics such as passes completed, shots on target, entries into the opposition area, diving saves, catches from crosses etc.

If a player scores a goal or is credited with an assist, then they will earn a decisive score which makes up the majority of their overall score (which is a combination of the decisive score and all-round score).

Here is how the decisive score is broken down:

Positive Impact Negative Impact
Goal Red card
Assist Own goal
Penalty won Penalty conceded
Clearance off the line Error leading to a goal
Clean sheet (only for a goalkeeper) Conceding three or more (only a goalkeeper)
Penalty save
Last man tackle

As per Sorare, this is how they describe the scoring system:

  • The decisive score totals statistics that have a direct impact on a game (e.g. goal, assist, red card)
  • The all-round score totals statistics during a game that are less obvious to track but are valuable when evaluating a player’s overall performance and impact on a game
  • The maximum player score is 100
  • The minimum player score is 0
  • If a player has two games in one week, only one game will be counted for scoring

The all-round score is calculated across four categories:

  • General – yellow cards, fouls, times fouled, errors leading to a shot, clean sheet
  • Defensive – goals conceded, effective clearance, tackles won, blocked crosses, outfield blocks
  • Possession – possession lost, possession won, duels lost, duels won, interceptions won
  • Passing – big chances created, accurate passes, successful final third passes, accurate long balls, missed passes
  • Attacking – shots on target, contests won, penalty area entries, penalties missed, big chances missed
  • Goalkeeping – saves, saves in the box, high claims, punches, diving saves, diving catches, crosses not claimed, smothers

Tips for Starting Sorare

Starting out after using our Sorare sign-up offer can be a bit daunting, but we’re here to make it easier for you with some key tips and tricks to get going.

  1. Explore the free games first – Sorare does offer you the chance to play for free and still win prizes. This will help you explore the scoring system, how to build a team and the mechanics of the actual game.
  2. Take baby steps in the transfer market – the temptation is to jump straight in at the deep end with a big-name signing. While there is nothing wrong with that, we would advise that you make a sensible purchase first up to gain entry to the semi-pro leagues.
  3. Use semi-pro leagues – you can only enter into the semi-pro leagues if you have 10 or fewer Limited Cards. While you will eventually outgrow this level, it is an important stepping stone in learning how the game works, the auction, the markets, how the value of players fluctuates and of course the scoring system.
  4. Use training – if you have leftover players in your portfolio or just wish to gain some extra XP to benefit you in the long run, then utilising the training is a useful tool. You will need to put in a regular team, but rather than it competing for rewards, the cards will just gain extra XP.
  5. Do your research – if you were investing in shares or something similar, you would do your research rather than just buying randomly, and Sorare should be approached in a similar way. There are tools such as that give detailed data on each card, the values, performance and other such trends that can be of huge benefit if you are a relative novice.
  6. Play responsibly – while it can be great fun buying your favourite cards and seeing immediate returns for your hard work, it can become compulsive. It is not a bad idea to set yourself weekly or monthly limits to ensure you don’t get carried away in the market.

From there, it’s all about using the Sorare bonuses you can get through our sign-up offer!

Sorare FAQs

Football Index was a gambling platform that operated like a stock market, with ‘shares’ placed on players and users then receiving dividends based on performance. It ultimately crashed after dividend payouts were slashed per share, leaving traders with huge losses in their portfolio and essentially crashing the market – resulting in the UK Gambling Commission suspending the license.

Sorare is not a form of gambling. Cards are collectibles that can be auctioned off on the Ethereum blockchain or used to compete against other users. The blockchain technology creates unique digital contracts for each card, while the scarcity of cards and transparency behind trading makes it a far more legitimate venture. Add in the relationships with official partners and influencers, and Sorare is a far more recognised platform.

Yes, Sorare is a legitimate platform. It is an established game based around fantasy football, while using the Ethereum blockchain to trade. They have plenty of high profile partners, including the Premier League so you do not need to worry about it being a scam.
While players can go up and down in value, and you can back them by buying them, because your cards are NFTs, then you are not gambling with them and you will retain ownership of them and they will always have a value.

You can win free cards in the Sorare rewards if you perform well. There are different tiers to the awards that you can win in the competitive leagues.

The best free card you can win is a Star Card such as Erling Haaland, which is when you come first in one of the pro leagues, while there are also free cards available for finishing anywhere in the top 200 in each gameweek of each league.

You can also get free cards in Sorare if you sign up through the 101 Great Goals sign-up offer, and after making five signings you will get one for free.

In Sorare, your money is stored in a wallet and may be displayed as your Eth balance. If you have something in your wallet, it is very easy to click into your account, select ‘withdraw funds’ (or add funds) and choose to either top up or withdraw your money.
The best way to start Sorare is by joining via the 101 Great Goals sign-up offer, reading our guide above and then creating a team to enter into one of the free leagues. Once you have got the hang of how to use Sorare, you can start adding money to your account and joining the more competitive leagues.

Latest Sorare Reviw and Sign-Up Bonus