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Sorare Serie A

When did Serie A join Sorare?


Serie A partnered with Sorare in July 2022, allowing supporters to collect trade-able NFT cards of their favourite players in an officially-licensed league.

Serie A was the 12th major league/tournament to partner with Sorare, following the likes of Bundesliga, LaLiga and MLS, while there are also deals with the Premier League as well as MLB and NBA.

The deal means Sorare players can now collect digital cards of players from all Serie A clubs and use them to compete against others in the fantasy football game, or buy and sell for profit.

It offers fans another way to connect with their favourite clubs and players, with collectible cards available on a limited basis.

Sorare is a rapidly expanding online platform, with thousands of users competing for rewards in each gameweek – ranging from limited cards to financial rewards if your team performs well either in the free-to-enter game or one of the more advanced leagues which require paid-for cards.

What is Sorare?

Sorare, established in 2018, is a platform crafted by passionate football enthusiasts for fellow fans. It is revolutionizing the landscape of online sports fandom by offering a fresh avenue for connecting with beloved clubs and players. As of February 2022, Sorare boasts an impressive user base of 350,000 Monthly Active Users spanning across 184 countries.

The company, headquartered in Paris and New York, has garnered support from renowned investors including Benchmark, Accel Partners, Softbank, as well as esteemed footballers such as Gerard Piqué, Antoine Griezmann, and Rio Ferdinand.

What is Sorare?

The Sorare football market and game is based around collectible cards, which have a value on the Ethereum chain with the value dictated by the market as well as real-life performance of each player.

Since the cards are collectible, there are only a limited number of each card available on the market on which users can bid, bargain and negotiate with fellow managers to get the best possible price for their desired card – just like the transfer market! Once you have a card, it can be used to make money or compete in leagues and gain XP to further increase their value and points return.

You can compete in auctions for cards in a manner similar to eBay or simply buy from a ‘Manager Sales’ market, on which managers will simply put a price on a card’s head and you can decide whether to pay it or not.

A player’s value will be dictated by the scarcity as well as their recent form, upcoming fixtures and age. So if you have a player who has just scored a hat-trick, his recent form will be shown on the card and his price will shoot up. Average gameweek scores over the last 15 matches (L15) are crucial when looking at how to build a team and who to get in the market, and are shown when looking at any card.

It is these gameweek scores that will decide your fate when competing in leagues.

Sorare Serie A will be running through the full season, which means that while the European leagues rest for the summer, you can still play along each gameweek through Sorare Serie A and you won’t miss a beat, and with a full roster of players available to snap up, you can build out your own Sorare Serie A collection.

How does Sorare work?

There are many different ways in which to get involved with Sorare. Whether that is investing money into having your own collectible cards, buying and selling to make a profit, or simply competing in leagues against others and contesting for rewards, there is something for everybody.

The free-to-enter leagues are called the Amateur leagues, and are available for the five major European leagues, including Serie A. Here is how they work.

Serie A Amateur - The Free League

The most popular form of competing is through the free-to-play competitions, known as ‘Amateur’ competitions such as Serie A Amateur. You will be given a points budget of 400 and you must simply pick a squad of 8 (two goalkeepers, two defender, two midfielders and two forwards), before narrowing that down to a playing team of five (one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward and one other outfield player) – it is that team that will then earn you points for each gameweek.

Players will earn points in a similar way to fantasy football, with nominated captains earning boosted totals and the total accrued over the gameweek will put you in contention for a reward – which in the Amateur leagues are tiered collectible cards.

Best Sorare Serie A players - Gameweek 403


So who should you pick in your Sorare Serie A side?

For everything you need to know about the various levels of entry in Sorare, you can check out our comprehensive Sorare guides, but here is a brief overview of some of the hottest properties in the Sorare Serie A Amateur game ahead of Gameweek 403.


Lorenzo Montipo

Having narrowly avoided relegation last season, Hellas Verona would have been one of the favourites for the drop this season but they have started their season in remarkable form with three wins from three – including 2-1 at home to Roma in Gameweek 401. Key to that run have been the performances of goalkeeper Montipo, who has scored 100, 74 and 62 in the three gameweeks so far. If his form continues, Verona could go some way towards avoiding a similar fate to last season.


Giovani Di Lorenzo

As Napoli click into gear, Di Lorenzo is finding his top form and with two games played so far this season, he has scores of 86 and 100 and has been a key part of the Napoli attack, even from full-back. He was on the scoresheet in the 2-0 win over Sassuolo and added two assists against Frosinone, placing him as one of the biggest attacking threats from defence in Serie A on Sorare this season. In current form, he is a must-have.


Houssem Aouar

It’s not that long ago that Aouar was being linked with high profile moves to the Premier League, but he went off the boil last season amid injuries and uncertainty over his future, and he could be one of the bargains of the summer. Having impressed in pre-season in tandem with Pablo Dybala, he could be a great choice for Sorare teams despite poor scores in his intermittent appearances last season for Lyon. He has started the season in promising fashion, netting his first goal for Roma from the bench


Lautaro Martinez

Martinez is a reliable selection for any Sorare side given his goalscoring prowess over a number of years. Having passed 20 league goals in the last two seasons, he has already started on top form with three goals in two matches with scores of 88 and 62 last week against Cagliari. Even with a game against Fiorentina to come, Martinez is a must-have in any Sorare side.

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