CAS confirm Chelsea have yet to appeal for transfer ban to be frozen

The Court of Arbitration for Sport have today revealed that Chelsea are yet to lodge an official appeal to have their transfer ban frozen.

FIFA’s Chelsea case

Premier League giants Chelsea were officially hit with a 2-window transfer ban by FIFA late in February.

The news came on the back of a long-running investigation into Chelsea’s recent transfer dealings, with a particular emphasis on the arrival of players under the age of 18.

After opening their initial investigation early last year, FIFA quickly flagged 25 cases which they deemed to be worthy of ‘further scrutiny’.

World football’s governing body since delved deeper into Chelsea’s dealings on the transfer market over recent years, with phase two of their inquiry having taken a close look at how the Blues have registered players in their academy system of late.

The capital giants were fully compliant with FIFA’s search, and opened their books with no hesitation.

However, after as many as 100 cases required further investigation on the part of FIFA, the organisation’s disciplinary committee opened discussions regarding a possible sanction, before confirming Chelsea’s transfer ban on the 22nd of February.

Figures via the Guardian.

Chelsea appeal

Chelsea unsurprisingly took immediate action on the back of their sanction being made official, lodging an appeal with FIFA to have their ban frozen for 6 months, to ensure at least 1 transfer window during which they could secure reinforcements ahead of putting together a case to defend themselves.

Speaking in an interview with the Mirror, a FIFA spokesperson revealed:

‘We can confirm that FIFA has received an appeal from Chelsea FC over the said case.’

‘Any decision on the sanction remaining in place during the appeal process is to be taken by the chairman of the Fifa Appeal Committee.’

FIFA stand firm

But it was subsequently confirmed early in March that Chelsea’s request had been firmly rejected:

‘Request has not been filed’

As such, the Blues were expected to quickly take their appeal to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), upon which it was deemed as likely that the ban would be pushed back, for this summer at the least.

However, while it was confirmed last week that the Chelsea board had appealed their overall sanction with the CAS, a further update today has revealed that a request to have their sanction frozen has not yet been lodged.

As per Matt Law of the Telegraph, upon enquiring to the CAS regarding the situation, he was informed:

‘For a challenged decision to be stayed during the CAS proceedings, a specific request to this effect must be made.’

‘At the time of writing, a request has not been filed in the Chelsea / Fifa matter. Accordingly, the Fifa decision remains in force.’

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