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Revealed: UEFA’s proposal to tackle the financial dominance of English football

Aleksander Čeferin means to push forward with plans to institute monetary spending caps on clubs across Europe when it comes to outlays on transfer fees and player wages on an annual basis

UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin looks to press forward in his plans to tackle the growing financial dominance of the English game after revealed proposals by European football’s governing body detail a desire for the implication of spending caps.

According to a report fielded by The Times’ chief sports reporter Martyn Ziegler, Čeferin, who has previously gone on record making known his desire to level the financial playing field across the continent in the wake of the ever-growing gap between English football and the rest of Europe, UEFA intends to impose a fixed annual spending cap surrounding both transfer expenditure and player wages that is commensurate with revenue percentage.

Per Ziegler’s report; “The plan, which is being assessed by a new working party for European football, comes amid fears that English clubs could become even more financially dominant under Uefa’s new Financial Sustainability Regulations (FSR), which from this year will restrict clubs’ spending to a percentage of their annual revenue.”

This means that, If approved, the imposed spending cap would run in conjunction with the new regulations, meaning that clubs in European competitions would only be capable of spending 90% of their revenue on both transfers and wages in 2023.

Moving forward, this would drop down to 80% in 2024, and 70% the following year.

While other attempts to close the gap to Europe’s richest competition have been proposed and subsequently failed, on the surface, this seems to be a far more sensible approach while also noting that clubs should only be able to spend what they are truly capable of sustaining in the financial spectrum.

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