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Manchester United agree to allow fans shares in club

Manchester United fans could be allowed to own shares in the club in the near future, it has been reported.

As per the Guardian, Manchester United have reached an agreement in principle with the Manchester United Supporters Trust regarding a fan share scheme.

The result of the supporters’ group vote on whether to accept it will be announced next week.

On Tuesday, the MUST held an online consultation with fans on the agreement, with 99% of those who voted in an exit poll stating they would approve it. If the vote is passed, which seems likely given the exit pool results, the scheme will then go before United’s board.

And whilst some fans may believe United’s board would not approve such as scheme, it is understood that the club is hopeful the scheme will be accepted, suggesting approval by the board when it gets to their level.

How does the scheme work?

Given many investors in Manchester United are likely fans of the club currently anyway, how is this scheme any different from somebody simply going out and by shares by themselves?

Well, the scheme would comprise new shares being issued that would be part of a ‘B’ category – meaning they would match those owned by the Glazers.

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