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Todd Boehly calls for Premier League North vs South XI match & speaks out on Super League

Todd Boehly has made some interesting comments in a recent interview.

The American took over Chelsea from Roman Abramovich early this year and has so far spent a record sum in the transfer market and also sacked Thomas Tuchel.

On letting Tuchel go, Boehly had this to say in an interview on Tuesday:

“I think Tuchel is obviously extremely talented. He is someone who has had great success at Chelsea. Our vision for the club was finding a manager who really wanted to collaborate with us. There’s a lot of walls to break down at Chelsea,” he said.

“No one is right or wrong, we just didn’t have a shared vision for the future. It wasn’t about Zagreb. It was about a shared vision of what we wanted for Chelsea Football Club to look like.”

Elsewhere, Boehly proposed that the Premier League have a match between the best Northern eleven and the best Southern eleven each year, similar to what the MLB does in America:

“MLB did their all star game this year. They made $200m from a Monday and a Tuesday, you could do a North vs South all-star game from the Premier League to fund the pyramid very easily,”

“I never say hard nos, I like to keep options alive but it is not something that we are talking about at all.”

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