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The Best Fantasy Premier League Draft Platforms

Draft Fantasy’s Expertise Shines for Another Season

Each year we’ve had a look at the best draft and auction fantasy football platforms on offer.

Draft Fantasy, Togga, FPL Draft being among the contenders for best platform in the past.

This year we take a new look at the different platforms on offer to determine the best draft site for your league.

One familiar name, Togga, has dropped off the list this year as it has closed down.

For those new to draft formats, how they work is that each player in the league has a completely unique team which they pick on a turn by turn basis.

This picking process is known as the draft.

Similar to real Premier League matches, a player can’t play for two different teams.

The same is true in draft leagues.

Auction drafts work in a similar manner, but instead of picking players on a turn by turn basis, managers bid on players with the highest bidder receiving the player.

Managers can trade amongst themselves throughout the season.

We’ve broken down the best platforms here. With the departure of Togga, the remaining major options to play on are Draft Fantasy, FPL Draft, and Fantrax.

Draft Fantasy

Draft Fantasy

Draft Fantasy (9/10):

After running the only draft option for the World Cup and years of being the frontrunner of draft options for multiple other leagues, Draft Fantasy is back for the Premier League with many new customisations.

We love the ease of use combined with the extensive feature set that Draft Fantasy has to offer. You can play on their website or their mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android.

Draft made two big additions to their game this year: flex positions and fully customisable scoring.

A flex position allows you to put any player in that position. So for example, instead of having 5 midfielders and 3 strikers in your squad, you could trade a striker for a midfielder and have 6 midfielders and 2 strikers.

This is a feature we have been waiting for for a while and are super excited to see added to the game this season.

The huge benefit of this addition is that you can now directly trade Salah for Kane with another manager in the league.

Custom scoring enables you to change how many points a player will receive. For example, if you don’t like the standard rules where a midfielder gets 1 point for a clean sheet and you think it should be 2 points, you can now do this.

Stats can be customised per position and you can also award points to players for making tackles and interceptions which is also part of the Draft Fantasy’s Kante rule.

Custom scoring is a premium feature which requires you to upgrade to the Draft Fantasy paid tier (starting at £1.69 per month).

Draft Fantasy is the only draft game with a native mobile app and has a host of other customisations available such as being able to customise the draft order, playoffs, bonus points, custom formations, changing the 3 player per club limit, and removing autosubs.

Draft Fantasy also offers games for other major leagues including Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A.

We’ve been big fans of Draft Fantasy for years and in our opinion, this is the best draft fantasy football game available for Premier League fans.

FPL Draft (5/10):

FPL Draft is offered by the Premier League itself.

Beyond the brand name behind it, the game has a lot lacking and we don’t see many reasons to choose this as your platform of choice.

FPL Draft has improved this year from a 3/10 to a 5/10 with the addition of trades, but is still missing a dedicated mobile app with the mobile website being difficult to navigate.

All of FPL Draft’s features are available on the other draft platforms so we see very little upside in playing their draft game.

One slight benefit is that if you’re playing the regular Premier League fantasy football game, you’ll be able to manage both teams on a single platform.

Fantrax (6/10):

Fantrax is an American focused website with its core offering being American sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Fantrax’s big selling point is its large range of customisations.

The big negative is that it’s quite a mess to customise the league and once you get into playing, the interface becomes cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

After a few months of playing you may get the hang of it. Fantrax has a mobile website, but no mobile app.



As seen in the screenshot above, the Fantrax interface and user experience need to undergo some drastic improvements.

The biggest perks of their game are their plethora of customisation options, their Treasurer option to hold the league funds, and the ability to play other fantasy sports on the same platform.

Just looking at the homepage of the platform it may seem easy to use, but the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the deeper it gets.

It seems like you may get what you pay for with their platform in terms of its usability.

Let us know below which is your favourite platform!

Good luck for the season ahead!

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