"NAC is not a City Group story" | Breda fans fend off club sale to City Football Group

City Football Group has been rebuffed in its attempts to expand its growing global empire as Dutch club NAC Breda has decided not to go through with allowing the holding company to purchase the North Brabant-based Eerste Division outfit.

As reported by the Guardian earlier today, a statement on Breda's official website stated: "After intensive discussions with both the City Football Group and two possible alternatives, the NOAD Foundation decided after careful and extensive testing to submit to the local plan of NAC Breda."

But an even bigger, and more impressive aspect of the failed takeover bid by CFG is the role that sections of the club's fanbase played in voicing their anger at the possibility of the club being under the conglomerate umbrella which is championed by Premier League leaders Manchester City.

A combined social media campaign, as well as chants and banners, unveiled inside Breda's Rat Verlegh Stadion made sure the voice of the local fans was heard, with one banner in particular reading "Stay out of our territory, NAC is not a City Group story."

The NOAD foundation maintains a golden share in the club, which affords them the capacity to veto any potential sale, and the notion that fans prefer to keep the club firmly rooted in its local principles deserves a measure of praise.

Breda would have become the eleventh club to come under a CFG banner that spans all corners of the globe, with sides based in the United States, Australia, India, Japan, Spain, Uruguay, China, Belgium, and France apart from Manchester City as the flagship operation.

Though CFG has a pre-existing relationship with Breda that looks set to remain on good terms, the Dutch club has now avoided a situation where they are actively used as a proving ground for City-based talent as a remit of their operational status, and can remain firmly rooted in a direction of their own choosing.

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