Graham Potter sends message amid Chelsea’s lack of goals

Chelsea’s goalscoring form has been dismal this season.

The Blues have netted just once in their last four matches across all competitions.

Chelsea have also scored just 23 goals in 22 Premier League matches this season.

That is the lowest number by some distance in the top 10 and the 13th-worst record in the division.

But Graham Potter does not believe Chelsea can simply dip into the market and sign a no.9 to fix all of their issues:

“Yeah I think the goals are there in this team but I think we have to as a team function better to attack, as we did in midweek,” Potter said. “You hear that Chelsea have a problem scoring goals and they spent close to £100million on a No.9 and it’s meant to fix the problem and as far as I can see it didn’t fix the problem.

“But of course if you are not scoring. Football is quite low resolution in terms of its analysis. If we are not scoring goals, we need a centre forward. Man City have been asked to sign a centre forward for the last five years, and they have probably been the best team in the Premier League in the last five years. You are always going to get that, that is just football. It’s not like it is completely wrong.

“There is obviously a point to it. But I always think that the best way is to try and get the team to function well and better, and then I think there are players that can score. But the notion that you can just go into a store and buy a nine that fits into your profile of investment, because it is not just transfer fees, it is salaries as well, all these things, it is not quite straightforward.”

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Josh Barker

Josh Barker

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