Peruvian Poop / Scatological Soccer: Real Garcilaso fans throw soiled diapers at Allianz Lima keeeper

South American Ultras are getting started younger and younger….

Whether actual toddlers were in situ or whether the material was smuggled in by adult ultras is unclear, but one thing is sure: soiled diapers/nappies are the latest weapon of choice in Peruvian football terraces.

(Excuse me **Dry Heaves***)

The scatological act of violence happened during a recent game between Peruvian clubs Real Garcilaso and Alianza Lima.

The perpetrators of the grossness were the Real Garcilaso supporters, who somehow produced ready-made soiled nappies and began hurling them from the terraces in the direction of Alianza’ goalkeeper

Risking all sorts of parasites and who knows what else, the stoic referee then took up upon himself to remove the dirty nappy from the pitch, handing it off to an unsuspecting assistant.

Watch this simply sickening act of creative football violence from Peru on the clip below.

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