Luis Suarez looks set to absolutely obliterate the Premier League goals in 1 season record [Graphic]

The graphic above, via @sportingintel makes for interesting reading and shows just how brilliantly Luis Suarez is playing for Liverpool right now.

As it stands, barring injury or suspension, if Luis Suarez continues to score 1.38 goals per game, the Liverpool hitman is due to score another 23.46 goals in 2013/2014, in the Premier League.

This would take Suarez to (if we round it down to 23) a total of 45, which means he would smash the record of 34 from both Andy Cole and Alan Shearer.

And, this total of 45 would come with Suarez having missed the first 5 of Liverpool’s Premier League games this season.

Truly incredible!

If Suarez does continue with 1.38 goals per game, surely Liverpool will finish in the top four at the absolute minimum!