Liverpool fans have been singing about having a party when Margaret Thatcher dies for months

For many Liverpool fans, today sees them rejoice with the news that former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher has passed away.

Specifically, Thatcher has been targeted by Liverpool fans for supporting South Yorkshire Police during the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster.

The views held by the Iron Lady in the weeks following Hillsborough continue to remain unclear but the families of the victims have called for any documentation to be released now that she has passed away.

Thatcher visited Hillsborough and South Yorkshire Police on the day of the disaster but her discussions and movements are still unknown.

In addition, her reputation in northern England is also exceptionally low following many disputes with miners and what many see as her run down of that part of the country during her long premiership.

Since the findings of last year’s Hillsborough Independent Panel report, Liverpool fans have been singing about Thatcher as Brendan Rodgers’ side played on a number of occasions.

A host of fan footage videos can be seen below.

Liverpool fans sing “When Maggie Thatcher dies…” at Wigan, March 2013

In the Wigan concourse, pre-match

Liverpool fans sing “When Maggie Thatcher dies…” at Sunderland, September 2012

Outside Sunderland, September 2012