Is the greatest goalkeeper on the planet a toilet?!

Introducing the Super Great Goalkeeper Toilet!

The video below could well be some sort of spoof – if it is it would explain a lot!

Japanese inventions have long been a part of our every day lives, it is safe to say the Super Great Goalkeeper Toilet is unlikely to achieve such status but this has to be one of the most bizarre videos you will ever see.

According to the blurb underneath the video, the Super Great Goalkeeper Toilet was invented by two companies: TOTO (a sanitary ware manufacturer) and toto (a legal organization that organizes and sells Sports Promotion Lottery).

We are told: “This project aims at informing customers about the efforts towards the environment of both TOTO and toto, through events, promotional campaigns, and the Toilet Goalkeeper website. This promotion is limited to Japan.”

Unfortunately, the “Toilet Goalkeeper” was only developed only for a promotional purpose. TOTO and toto will not manufacture/sell “Toilet Goalkeeper”. Which is a big shame if you see how good this custodian is on the video below!

For those interested, the toilet keeper makes wonder saves thanks to two high-speed cameras (250 fps) mounted on both sides of the goal, which accurately calculate the speed and direction of the ball. If the ball it too far away from the seat, it simply sends out a ball to block the incoming shot.

Former Japanese player Tatsuhiko Kubo (32 caps, 11 goals) is the striker attempting to beat the Super Great Goalkeeper Toilet.

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