Is Radamel Falcao 27 or 29 years old?!

Monaco striker Radamel Falcao is not having a great couple of days.

First, on Saturday, El Tigre went into a big of a rage during Monaco’s 1-0 friendly defeat to Augsburg.

Today, a Colombian report has surfaced questioning whether Falcao is actually 27 years old – which is/was widely accepted as fact.

The primary school Falcao attended have produced documents suggesting that Falcao is indeed 29 years old – in that he was born in 1984 and not 1986.

This could throw up any number of controversies in Falcao’s career. Among them, would be the fact that he would have won the 2005 South American Youth (Under-20) Championship at the age of 21 and also participated in the Under-20 World Cup when overage.

There are also suggestions that Monaco have been duped into paying over the odds for Falcao, as they could be left with an older player on their hands than originally expected.

Radamel Falcao’s father has denied the claims, reaffirming the fact that his son is 27 years old and there was simply a clerical error at his school.

A news report on the age controversy surrounding Radamel Falcao is below (in Spanish).

Via Reddit Soccer.