Fair Play? Freak Golazo! Erik Mjelde’s 60-yard lob (Brann) vs Lillestrom

It’s the sickest thing I’ve seen in Norwegian football ever. These are images that will go around the world!” – TV2 commentator Morten Langli.


While most of the planet were fixated on Manchester City’s epic title win on Sunday, Norwegians were busy picking apart a freak incident during Brann’s crucial win at Lillestrom.

First thing to point out was the significance of the contest: both Lillestrom and Brann are already battling relegation at this early stage on their domestic campaign. Lillestrom, no wins in their opening eight matches, sit second-bottom of the Tippeligaen, whilst Brann have fared almost as badly with just two wins and a draw in their first 8 matches.

So what happened?

After a thrilling first period, Brann were 3-2 up at the start of the second half. Then, in the 49th minute, the match was halted as a Lillestrom player went down injured and the hosts kicked the ball into touch.

Etiquette dictates that Brann should have returned the ball back to Lillestrom once the play is resumed, and Erik Mjelde tried to do that. But he amazingly FAILED, scoring a freak 60-yard goal that incredibly bounced over keeper Stefan Magnusson and into the net.

After scoring came the question of conscience. Should Brann allow Lillestrom a goal to make amends for the freak golazo, or alternatively (considering the desperate need for points) should Leciejewski’s error be put down to his own foolishness and thus the match should carry on at 2-4? The Brann answer was mixed.

Whilst most in the visitors team allowed Lillestrom striker Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson a free passage on their goal, Brann goalie Piotr Leciejewski worked hard at trying to stop the striker from scoring. In the end though Sigurdarson buried his shot to leave the final scorecard reading 3-4.

Watch Erik Mjelde’s freak 60-yard lob and Sigurdarson’s goal in reply here.