“Do you think I’m an idiot?!” Jurgen Klopp refuses to speak to The Sun newspaper!

What is it with managers of German teams and the English press this week?!

Unfortunately, we do not have video evidence of the exchange Tweeted above but what is most intriguing is that Jurgen Klopp’s hatred for The Sun goes back quite a long way.

The comment above is from Jurgen Klopp’s post match presser after Borussia Dortmund lost 3-0 at Real Madrid last night.

The legendary Borussia Dortmund coach has previously taken the mickey out of Sun journalist Anthony Kastrinakis, see Tweet below from November.

There is a fair chance that Kastrinakis was the target of last night’s Klopp comment as well…

We can but wonder why Klopp hates The Sun so much, but we suspect Liverpool fans (and many others) have new found love for the Borussia Dortmund coach!