Did Juve get away with a big penalty decision against Fiorentina?

23 minutes into Fiorentina – Juventus, La Viola had a big penalty shout. Manuel Pasqual exchanged a neat one-two, and as he entered the Juve box, ‘Captain Hook’ Arturo Vidal made a last ditch tackle, bringing Pasqual to the ground. The question is though : did he get any of the ball?



The angle at which he enters into the tackle would suggest ‘no’, as the ball continues on the path that Pasqual is running in. The Viola faithful roared for a penalty, though the players’ reaction was strangely muted, as play resumed without much fuss. Vidal and his Juve team mates even seemed to suggest Pasqual had dived, which is clearly out of the question.

Watch Arturo Vidal’s last-ditch tackle on Manuel Pasqual below, and decide for yourself whether it was a perfect tackle or a stone-wall penalty.



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