Come And Get Me Plea! A Dimitar Berbatov Facebook ‘Could Fire Arsenal To The Title’

As ‘Come and Get Me’ pleas go, this is about as crystal clear as they come.

With the January transfer window due to open in the coming days, Sky Sports show Goals on Sunday discussed possible moves over the period on their program last Sunday morning.

Former Fulham player Billy McKinlay sat on the couch and discussed the prospect of Dimitar Berbatov moving to Arsenal.

McKinlay vouched for the move, and the show’s segment was made into a video by a Youtuber with the title, ‘Berbatov could fire Arsenal to the title’.

With obviously too much time on his hands, Berba stumbled across the video on the interweb, and posted it to his official Facebook page.

Subtle eh?

If that doesn’t amount to a big, brash ‘COME AND GET ME! plea to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, what does?

The only way Berba could be more clear about it would be by personally calling to Wenger’s home with an Arsenal shirt on and a baguette in hand.

With £2 million reportedly enough to procure the Bulgrarian’s services, what are you waiting for Wenger? Get on Facebook and at least ‘like’ his status!