Brutal: Former Arsenal player Stewart Robson calls Arsene Wenger a “Dictator”

When Stewart Robson was a summariser for Arsenal TV, Arsenal fans put together a petition asking him to be removed, such was his consistent anger targeted towards Arsene Wenger.

Much like Piers Morgan, Robson is becoming one of Wenger’s most vociferous critics and Arsenal’s penalty shoot-out defeat to Bradford in the Capital One Cup saw the former Gunners, West Ham and Coventry midfielder wheeled out in front of the Sky cameras again.

On Wednesday, Robson was particularly harsh in an interview on Sky Sports, calling Wenger a “dictator” and even going so far as to say that Bradford boss Phil Parkinson is a better coach than “The Professor.”

Robson: “It was a poor performance, but one I’m not surprised about. Time and time again Arsenal don’t earn the right to play, and tactically (Bradford boss) Phil Parkinson showed he’s a better coach than Arsene Wenger. I’m more embarrassed with the way Arsene Wenger conducts himself these days. He doesn’t do any tactical stuff on the side of the field, they tell me he doesn’t do too much work on the defensive side in training, yet he’ll have a rant at everybody else.”

He continues: “Why isn’t Steve Bould doing more coaching? Because – time and time again – I don’t think Arsene Wenger sees the danger. When the team are making mistakes he doesn’t rectify them, and the reason he doesn’t rectify them is he doesn’t know what the mistakes are. In my view it was time up three or four years ago. The fans have stuck by him, they always say ‘in Arsene we trust’, that can’t be the case any more. Tactically Arsenal are all over the place at times, they’re underprepared defensively, and if you have that you’re always going to lose several football games in a season and not win trophies.”

Watch Robson’s attack on Wenger on the video below.

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