Brazil coach Felipe Scolari bans his players from “performing acrobatics” in the bedroom during the World Cup

With only 65 days to go until the start of the 2014 World Cup, Brazil coach Felipe Scolari was today taking questions at an event in Portugal when an interesting issue was posed to the Seleccao boss.

During the event in Lisbon, Scolari was asked whether his squad are allowed the having sex during the World Cup. Scolari replied:

The players can have normal sex during the World Cup. Usually normal sex is done in balanced way, but some like to perform acrobatics. We will put limits and survey the players.

Unfortunately Scolari never elaborated further on what exactly constitutes “acrobatics” in the bedroom.

For the record, the host nation take on Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon in the group stages at the World Cup.

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