BBC radio call up ex-Sunderland defender Michael Gray, get a Scottish student who blags an interview

BBC Radio 5Live fell foul of a classic student prank this week when they got their Michael Grays mixed up when discussing the sacking of Martin O’Neil from Sunderland.

BBC Radio were trying to get hold of Sunderland born Michael Gray, now 38-years-old, who played 363 games for the Black Cats in a 12-year career for the Wearsiders.

Instead they called up a Scottish student also called Michael Gray, who was more than happy to step into the shoes of his namesake and bullshit his way through a three minute interview.

The fake Michael Gray has detailed his shenanigans on his blog.

I had quite a Kafkaesque transformation tonight. Having returned from a beautiful week in the Scottish Highlands and a day at George Square protesting the Westminster bedroom tax, I became English footballer Michael Gray for the evening. He has 363 appearances for Sunderland and 3 England caps. I’ve only a few appearances for Castlehill Primary School in 2001, so it was quite a good promotion. 

Listen to the BBC Radio 5Live interview below.

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