Barcelona considering move for Spurs’ Kyle Walker (!) to replace Dani Alves [Daily Mail]

As unlikely transfer speculation goes, this really takes the biscuit.

With Juan Cuadrado deemed too expensive by the Catalans, they’re now looking for more affordable options for their right flank.

The Daily Mail claim that Barcelona are considering a move for Spurs full-back Kyle Walker to replace Dani Alves, who’ll be phased out this season.

According to the Mail, Spurs have put a ‘not for sale’ sign on Walker, who it’s estimated would cost around 17 million euro.

Just imagine hearing, ‘And Kyle Walker crosses it into Lionel Messi, he scores!’ Just doesn’t sound right does it.

In any case, Walker is currently out of action with a pelvis injury, and one injured defender (Vermaelen) is enough for any club in one transfer window.

(Via Mundo Deportivo)