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Real Madrid beat Elche with epically dodgy penalty, Pepe dragging defender to the ground

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

‘Bigger teams get the decisons’, so the old football proverb goes, but this was just laughably dodgy and weak refereeing.

Real Madrid were on the cusp of dropping 2 points at plucky Elche tonight after conceding an 89th minute equaliser, which could have very plausibly put the Liga title race beyond them, such is the need for the Big 2 to take maximum spoils from every game.

In the following attack though, their bacon was saved by some generous refereeing, as Madrid’s Pepe – instead of being whistled for fouling and dragging the Elche defender to the ground – was awarded a 91st minute penalty.

It was clever from Pepe, but the ref should clearly have seen what was going on, standing just yards away.

Watch the dodgy penalty that earned Madrid a 2-1 win at Elche (converted by Cristiano) on the clip below.

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