Russian journo Alexey Yaroshevsky announces Mkhitaryan to Liverpool, gets trolled for it


Well, that’s gratitude!

Alexey Yaroshevsky of Russian sports paper Russia Today tweeted at the crack of dawn this morning that ”Henrikh Mkhitaryan WILL be #LFC player within the next 72 hours”, and reiterated that his source is vouchsafe, being the same one who twice filtered him correct info on Fernandinho and Willian’s transfers.

He was the promptly trolled for it by ‘Pool fans reluctant to get their hopes up, accusing Yaroshevsky of being a fraudster due to his small following.

If Yaroshevsky is as sure as he makes out, he only has some 60 hours to wait to say ‘I told you so’.

Below are Yaroshevsky’s tweets confirming Mkhitaryan’s arrival in Liverpool and some of the trolling reaction from Pool fans.