Why Rasmus Hojlund is perfect for Manchester United

Manchester United have been told why Rasmus Hojlund is perfect for the club.

Hojlund became a Manchester United player in early August, with the Red Devils paying £72 million to Atalanta.

The Dane is yet to make his debut for Manchester United due to a back issue but he is expected to have a major impact on the team when he finally starts a game.

And whilst some are wary of the price-tag and the comparisons to Erling Haaland already starting, one man seems sure that Hojlund will fit right in at United.

Hojlund joined Hørsholm-Usserød Idrætsklub back in 2007 to begin his promising career and now, when to recall his first impressions of Hojlund, the club’s sporting director Christian Mouroux said:

“I was a coach at HUI above his age group but I was connected to his age group through my colleague who was the trainer there, which happened to be Rasmus’ father Anders. I spoke to Anders and thereby got to know Rasmus.

“When Rasmus was a young player at the club, I would say that Rasmus was physically developed. He was slightly bigger, more grown than a lot of his peers and that was also why he played one age group above his own.

“Looking at it strictly from his perspective then I would say 100 per cent his mental ability is strong enough [to play for United],” Mouroux said. “Rasmus has got this mental strength around top athleticism and elite sports and he has gotten that with his mother’s milk. His father was quite a good football player himself, his mother was an elite 100m sprinter.

“Their home has exuberated this type of professional mentality from when he was young. The father is a carpenter and he refurbished the basement to have an indoor football field so they could also play when it was bad weather.

“It is stuff like that which show he went above and beyond. His mother and father were always involved in the club and always around, the mother was team administrator and the father was the coach, as I say they are always down here.

“It is just in his DNA, in his blood to work professionally with what he loves, which is football. I have no doubt in my mind that [mentality] is a strength of his.”

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