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Stefan Ortega’s Season-Making Save — Has he Secured City’s Fourth Consecutive win?

"One-on-one, Stefan is one of the best keepers I’ve seen in my life."

Etihad Stadium


When Manchester City stood against Tottenham Hotspurs on Tuesday, they were ready to win, they were prepared to play well, but they never expected which player would shine above the rest. Stefan Ortega’s incredible last-minute save took the match from entertaining to something truly special. Let’s look at what happened and what it means for Man City going forward.

Ortega’s Showstopping Save

This excellent play wasn’t set up in advance but arrived entirely by happenstance. Earlier in the match, the first-choice keeper, Ederson, had a nasty collision with Tottenham defender Cristian Romero. While he wasn’t concussed, Ederson struggled to see after the incident, and Guardiola made the tough choice to sub him off in the match’s second half. 

Ortega was brought in to fill that spot, and while his role was brief, boy, was it impressive!

Approaching the match’s end, Manchester City had a 1-0 lead but needed to keep a hold of it to maintain an easy win for the Premier League. That’s when, with just three minutes left, Tottenham forward and Captain Son Heung-min got possession and made a go for goal. But standing fast against a skilful feint, Ortega made the right call and blocked the shot.

This masterful show of goalkeeping was met with riotous applause and after the match Ortega was drowning in congratulations and praise. Guardiola, who had fallen to the floor as he thought they were about to lose the point lead, greeted the goalie after the final whistle with a kiss on the cheek and didn’t hold back in the post-match press, saying: “Ortega is a world-class goalkeeper. An exceptional, exceptional goalkeeper.”

What does this mean for Man City?

This save wasn’t just a stunning display of skill from Ortega but, in conjunction with Haaland’s two goals scored in the match and during the penalty, all but secured Man City’s fourth consecutive Premier League victory. The save knocked Arsenal back out of the running, and as the greatest obstacle to the win, it’s no wonder Guardiola had this to say:

“He saves us – otherwise, Arsenal are champions. That is the reality. The margins are so tight. The save from Son. It was incredible. One-on-one, Stefan is one of the best keepers I’ve seen in my life. It’s the German culture – stand up, don’t go down.”

There’s still time for the rankings to change, but Manchester City have undoubtedly found their “moment” of the season.

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