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Shorter matches and double walkouts: 5 new things coming to EAFC24 Ultimate team

With FIFA23 the final game in the franchise’s long series, EAFC is the latest football game offered up by popular gaming company EA Sports.

Though broadly the same game, featuring ultimate team, career mode and plenty more that players of previous games will be used to, it has undergone some major changes to set it apart from it’s older version.

Here are the five newest things coming to EAFC24 Ultimate Team.

1. Double walkouts

What is better than one walkout? That’s right, from this year’s game, you will be able to see two walkouts if they happen to be in the same pack.

A “walkout” (described as such because they walkout of the pack) is a high rated player (usually a player over 86 rated or a special card 84 rated or higher). Getting two in a pack is rare for the most part, but you will now be rewarded by an animation that shows you both of them at the same time, as can be seen below.

2. Shorter squad battle matches

For those that have played previous iterations of the EA Sports title, they will know how annoying squad battles can be. A game mode in which you play against the AI in order to compete for rewards, it has often been looked down upon by members of the community as a waste of time, with each game taking around 15 minutes to complete.

3. Player evolution (but not every player)

Perhaps the most exciting new addition to the upcoming release of EAFC24 is the ability to grow your own player (also known as evolutions).

This will allow gamers to choose a player, and complete a series of challenges to allow them to upgrade that player. In doing so, it will allow fans of particular players or lower rated sides to make their player competitive throughout the game cycle.

However, there are some restrictions. Higher-rated players cannot be chosen, and it can only be one player at any one time. To meet the requirements, they cannot have more than 78 shooting, 81 pace, 4 star weak foot or be higher than 78 rated, in order not to allow players to choose the most powerful players to further upgrade.

4. Fewer ICONS

Though there may be more icons by the end of the game, at the beginning there won’t be.

That is because all ICONs are set to be given just a single card rather than the previous three (Base, mid and prime ICON cards). Though more will be available through promotional teams across the year, to begin with there will just be one of each player.

5. Icons give extra chemistry

With the revamped chemistry system from FIFA 23 now set to stay in place, Icons have been made more useful again.

Now, each Icon that you have in your squad will add one extra contribution to every league in the squad, which will allow players to further express themselves through their squad building without sacrificing chemistry.

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