Rio Mavuba tells brilliant story about Eden Hazard’s hungover final game for Lille (Video)

Eden Hazard, the Belgian George Best?

Hazard scoring a hat-trick in final game for Lille
Hazard scoring a hat-trick in final game for Lille

Hazard’s night out before final game for Lille

Lille midfielder Rio Mavuba tells a brilliant dressing room story in this episode of French football show Le Vestiaire, which features ex-pros looking back nostalgically on their careers.

Mavuba still plays for Lille of course, and was a teammate of Eden Hazard’s before the Belgian signed for Chelsea in 2012.

Mavuba reveals with this anecdote that the Lille side had a big night out before their final game of the season that year, because they knew they were going to finish 3rd.

And it was Hazard’s final game before leaving for Chelsea.

Scores hat-trick after 30 minutes

Mavuba says that Hazard was quite the worse for wear the next day, but it didn’t affect his performance too much: he only went and scored a hat-trick after 30 minutes!

Then again, he was only 21, several years before bad hangovers start to set in.

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