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Revealed: The five new rules set to be implemented by the new UK football regulator

They will stop sides joining the super league

The Premier League are set to have a new independent regulator set up by the UK Government as they look for a way to level the playing field and ensure that clubs are not tempted to join a European superleague, it has been revealed.

A white paper is due to be published on Thursday, which will outline in detail plans to avoid future cases like that of Manchester City and of Macclesfield, the former of which stands accused of over 100 financial breaches by the Premier League.

According to BBC Sport, the regulators main aims will be:

  • “Stopping English clubs from joining closed-shop competitions, which are judged to harm the domestic game”
  • “Preventing a repeat of financial failings seen at numerous clubs, notably the collapses of Bury and Macclesfield”
  • “Introducing a more stringent owners’ and directors’ test to protect clubs and fans”
  • “Giving fans power to stop owners changing a club’s name, badge and traditional kit colours”
  • “Ensuring a fair distribution of money filtered down the English football pyramid from the Premier League”

It is a move that, they add, ‘aims to protect English football’s cultural heritage’ amid concerns over a wider Super League that could bear fruit in years to come across Europe, with plans already well underway.

Other new rules will see a stricter owners test along with increased fan input around important things such as badges, kits and more.

The Premier League itself is wary of the rule changes, claiming that “It is vital regulation does not damage the game or its ability to attract investment and grow interest”, though UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has claimed that “The new plans will protect the rich heritage and traditions of our much-loved clubs and safeguard the beautiful game for future generations.”

“It’s a terrible idea. The government are terrible at running everything. Look at the mess the country’s in. We pay the highest taxes for the worst service from the worst government I’ve seen in my life”, he told Sky.

The Premier League is the best run, most successful league in the world. It gives away more money to lower leagues, grassroots & the PFA than any other league anywhere. It’s a fantastic export. Why does an incompetent government think it will improve things?”


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