Rafa Nadal played a key role in bringing Marco Asensio to Real Madrid

Andreas Pereira and Marco Asensio

Nadal helps Asensio

It’s no secret that Rafa Nadal is a huge Real Madrid fan. A tennis icon and national hero, he has more influence at Madrid than people might realise. The Spaniard convinced Florentino Perez to sign Marco Asensio.

Asensio has confirmed as much in an interview with AS. The 21-year-old midfielder has revealed how his transfer came about. Nadal is a shareholder at Mallorca, the club Madrid signed him from: “That anecdote is true.

“Rafa Nadal called Florentino and told him that they could not let me escape. In the winter, my agent called me to say Real Madrid were interested. Then Florentino called before a game to tell me I was going to be a Real Madrid player.

“Everything happened in one day: we travelled to Madrid, signed the contract, visited the Bernabeu and we returned to Mallorca to finish the season. It was all fast and intense, but the satisfaction was huge.”

Chance encounter

Asensio has been an instant hit at Madrid since joining up with the squad at the start of the season.

With nine goals in 37 appearances, he’s played a significant part in their La Liga triumph.

It seems as though destiny played a part in his journey to Madrid as this anecdote shows.

“One day we went on a trip with the family and we were taking a walk in the port and there was Florentino Perez’s boat. My mother recognised him and called him over to take a picture of us and told him that I was going to be Real Madrid player. One of life’s coincidences, but it has been so and he also remembers that anecdote so beautifully.”

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