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Pep Guardiola sends cheeky message to Manchester United

Pep Guardiola has been speaking about Manchester United over the weekend.

Pep Guardiola sends cheeky message to Manchester United

Manchester City saw off Sheffield United in an FA Cup semi-final on Saturday afternoon.

As a result, the Sky Blues are well on course to clinch a historic treble this season.

They are expected to overtake Arsenal in the Premier League as long as they do not lose on Wednesday, are in the semi-final of the Champions League and now the final of the FA Cup.

Manchester United’s 1998/99 team are the only English side to win all three of these trophies in one campaign but Manchester City have a great chance of doing so this season.

Pep Guardiola tried to downplay any talk of a treble on Friday, but it was put to him at Wembley that there are some nerves within the United fanbase that City could emulate their 1999 achievement of winning all three titles in a season.

Taking a light-hearted approach, Guardiola replied: “They don’t have to be scared, we are neighbours! Neighbours are always nice to each other.

“No, I said yesterday we are far away from this kind of situations – the treble and this discussion. Okay, for a funny moment is okay. The reality is to come here. I said many times, the most impressed I have for this club, the hierarchy and backroom staff is after many years, six years, winning titles and titles.

“When you lose you lose in last stages, final of the Champions League or FA Cup semi-finals, still we are there one more year. This is what I’m proud the most as manager. I love to be here and work with this club for that reason. One year you can do it. I don’t want to win one Champions League and after you are in the bottom and not fighting. Champions League destroys projects most of the time when you win and when you lose, this club is quite stable in that terms.

“Of course we won Premier League and other titles otherwise would be another manager. I’m not stupid, I know to analyse the team, what we need, what we’re doing, not come for specific results. That’s why after 6 years, we are in the latter stages with seven weeks left, still fighting for titles. Okay we lost in the Carabao Cup but still we are here to lose the titles. This is the most important trophy we can get.”


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