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Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes hits out at Gabriel Agbonlahor

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has responded to criticism from Gabriel Agbonlahor.

Manchester United recently lost 4-0 to Brentford in a Premier League clash.

After the game, Agbonlahor hit out at Fernandes and labelled him a bad teammate.

Now, the Portuguese has responded to said comments in a recent interview.

Fernandes told ELEVEN when quizzed on Agbonlahor’s remarks: “It’s honestly not something that worries me too much. He’s never played with me, he doesn’t know how I am.”

The 27-year-old added on Mata’s kind words: “Just yesterday I told my wife, who spoke to me about this interview and I said, ‘You know what calms me down?’ “Just two days ago a person called Juan Mata, world champion, European champion, winner of the Champions League, all in England, said to me, ‘You were the best people I’ve met in football, continue like that, being yourself, with that honesty, this ability to work’.

“If someone says that… you know how I am. Boring, because I demand it, but because I am demanding with myself and I also demand it from others.”

“I was close to calling in! I was close to calling in to tell him ‘you have forgot completely that you have been a player’,” Klopp said/

“It was unbelievable and if ex-players are already like this, you can imagine how everything else is going. Now you just have to ask yourself ‘how would you want to react in a situation like this?’ And you would, of course, fight back. That’s completely normal, that’s what we expect.”

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