Karma: Sutton left with Pie on their Faces in 1st game since sacking Keeper Wayne Shaw

Sutton sack Wayne Shaw

45-year-old reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw was the star of the show during Sutton’s FA Cup clash with Arsenal last night despite not actually getting on the pitch.

With his throwback physique, he is the classically prototypical non-league player, and he certainly lived up to that billing on the night.

When he realized he wouldn’t be getting on to play, he chowed down on a pie – while the game was still on.

But as it transpires, that pie gorging wasn’t as innocent and romantic as it looked…it was all a betting stunt, and the Sutton hierarchy didn’t take too kindly to being embarrassed on live TV: they took the drastic decision to sack him for his antics.

1st choice keeper gets injured today

In an almost poetic moment of karma, that callous and heartless decision has now come back to bite Sutton in the proverbial arse.

Because in the first game since sacking him, their 1st choice keeper was forced off injured.

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And with no portly Shaw on the bench, they were forced to bring a defender on – which went about as well as you’d expect.