Jeremie Frimpong: Profile, Expert Analysis, Tactical Overview & Video

OLDENZAAL, NETHERLANDS - NOVEMBER 15: Jeremie Frimpong of Holland U20 during the U20 Men match between Holland U20 v Czech Republic U20 at the Sportpark Vondersweijde on November 15, 2019 in Oldenzaal Netherlands (Photo by Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images)

Jeremie Frimpong: Profile

Name: Jeremie Frimpong

Date of birth: Dec 10th, 2000

Nationality: Netherlands

Position: Right-Back/Right Wing-Back

Height: 1.75m

Jeremie Frimpong: Introduction

Jeremie Frimpong is a Dutch right-sided full-back with incredible pace and crossing ability. His technical skill and close-control allow him to beat opposition players comfortably and add dynamic threat to the right flank.

Developed at the Manchester City youth academy, Frimpong's progression has been rapid. He is a determined player with the proactive forward-thinking to make the most of his career and gain as much experience as possible to further his ability.

Jeremie Frimpong: Background

Born in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam, Jeremie Frimpong was recruited into the Manchester City academy at the age of 9. Speaking with The Athletic, his brother describes how, after they moved, Jeremie was given plenty of incentive to further his footballing ability:

"I used to tell him, ‘You score this amount of goals, I’ll buy you this, I’ll take you there’," said Frimpong’s older brother, Jeffrey. "The PS3 came out around that time and I used to tell him, ‘If you score three goals, then mum and I will put money towards buying you a PS3’. I was telling him this for like four months and basically, every game, he’d score a hat-trick. Then it got to a point where he just kept scoring goals because it became a habit. I didn’t need to tell him any more to do anything."

Like many modern attacking full-backs, Frimpong began his life in football as a striker and wide forward. It was later that he transitioned into the more defensive role, whilst maintaining his attacking flair. The Dutch full-back developed through the same ranks as the likes of Jadon Sancho and, like his former colleague, left City in an attempt to further his career.

"We played Celtic’s Under-23s and it wasn’t long after that I found out Celtic were interested in signing me," Frimpong told Celtic's official website when he signed. "That was incredible, and as soon as I heard, I was excited and I wanted to take this opportunity."

Expert insight on Jeremie Frimpong

"His style is attacking, he has blistering pace and can often leave opponents stranded despite operating from a standing start with the ball at his feet. He is small, but he is determined and can penetrate by simply using his breakneck speed and quickness of thought."

"When playing from right-back, he likes to push forward and come inside to link the play, his pace and low centre of gravity makes it a difficult task for defenders to dispossess him. His role as a right wing-back provides him with opportunities to go one on one with defenders, and his lightning pace means more often than not he can get to the byline and cross or cut back into the penalty area for a teammate."

"The Dutchman, who is of Ghanaian descent, has drawn comparisons with Brighton defender Tariq Lamptey. The players are very similar in height and their attacking style is also alike."

"While he is regarded as a very exciting player in offence, he is also very focused on the defensive side of his game. When possession is lost, he is very quick at getting back into position to make a tackle or reset with his defensive team mates."

Tactical Overview of Jeremie Frimpong

The key elements of the Dutchman's game come on the offensive side of the ball. Celtic's typical dominance of games in the Scottish top-flight allow Frimpong to express his attacking flair. However, his quality has been shown on the European stage, too. In the example below, away to French side Lille, Frimpong sees the space in front and makes his run.

The run culminates in his receiving of the ball, before crossing accurately to find Mohamed Elyounoussi to score.

Jeremie Frimpong's awareness of space and time management of his runs opens up dangerous opportunities for Celtic.
Jeremie Frimpong's pace gets him into opportunities to cross in different instances. Here, the low pass across for Mohamed Elyounoussi opens up.
The cross meets the target and Mohamed Elyounoussi coverts.

At times, though, the opportunity to run into acres of space is of course not available. Players need to use their technical ability to create opportunities for themselves, and Frimpong possesses such assets. Explosive acceleration with the ball in multiple directions allows the Dutchman to beat players in 1 v 1 scenarios.

The below examples shows Frimpong's typical route blocked, but demonstrates his skill to beat his man and gain an advantageous situation.

Jeremie Frimpong's wide route is blocked by the opponent showing him inside, wisely. However, the Dutchman's acceleration enables him to go around, before cutting back right to move into a crossing position.
Frimpong's acceleration isolates chasing opposition players which in turn opens spaces on the edge of the box for teammates.
The final decision making process in this example is incorrect however, Frimpong overhits a cross for Edouard when safer options to cut-back to were available.

Whilst Frimpong's decision making is not always perfect, as is expected for a player continuing his progression, he does act swiftly in high-pressure situations.

The final example below shows how he reads the movement of his teammates, and uses the space to create opportunities. Always looking to get the ball onto his right, showing the Dutchman to his left appears a simple solution. However, the former forward's skill on the ball, low centre of gravity and acceleration combine to devastating effect.

Jeremie Frimpong holds the ball up with small fake movements, waiting for his teammate to drag the opposition defender away from the space in behind.
Then, once the space is vacant, Frimpong explodes in one quick motion pushing the ball ahead to beat the player and accelerate past.
The player who originally worked off the ball to open the space for Frimpong now runs to the open space created, in turn, by the Dutchman's run and a key chance is made.

Frimpong is a player who is aware of his strengths and uses them to his benefit. He possesses the potential to become one of the continent's most dangerous offensive full-backs, combining raw pace and skill. Speed when moving in the opposite direction is also key to recovering his position, and providing defensive cover for his side. Frimpong's ceiling is as of yet unknown, but, based on his early development, the sky appears the limit.

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