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‘It’s our fault Gerrard slipped’ Pep Guardiola takes aim at Liverpool in astonishing rant

The City boss was defending his club in wake of recent allegations

Pep Guardiola has defended Manchester City’s right to hold their Premier League titles despite being charged with over 100 breaches of Premier League rules, claiming that ‘that moment belongs to us’ before taking aim at Liverpool in astonishing fashion.

The Etihad club were referred by the Premier League to an independent commission on Monday morning, with the governing body noting over 100 breaches of the Premier League rules.

The breaches stretch across a nine-year period and essentially accuse the Cityzens of dodging financial fair play, inflating sponsorship deals and paying inappropriate amounts to both players and managers, with the majority of the breaches “in particular with respect to its revenue (including sponsorship revenue), its related parties and its operating costs”.

It follows a four-year investigation that has been ongoing around their rise to prominence, with many questioning how they funded such massive investment without external support that went above and beyond that which UEFA allow.

Guardiola has previously claimed that if the club is found guilty, he will walk away the next day, but continues to champion their innocence in front of the media, claiming that “I am fully convinced we will be innocent”.

And, asked about potentially being stripped of silverware, which would hand two titles to Liverpool and another to Manchester United, Guardiola hit back.

“The goal from Sergio Agüero [in 2012], when Balotelli slipped. I don’t know if we are responsible for Steven Gerrard slipping at Anfield. Was that our fault? I have respect for Steven Gerrard – but that moment belongs to us.”

“The moments that we lived these years together, the Premier League will decide … but I know what we won and the way we won it. I know the effort we put in. If something happened in 2009 or 2010 it is not going to change one second.”

Silverware being stripped is one possible punishment, with others ranging from a fine, to a points deduction and even being kicked out of the Premier League, though a decision is expected to take years to reach.


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