Inter Milan ultras release statement demanding Mauro Icardi be stripped of captaincy

Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi
Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi

Mauro Icardi takes on Inter ultras

23-year-old Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi is never too far from controversy.

His book was recently released and he thought it would be a good idea to take on the Inter Milan ultras. He told the following story.

“The fans start to shout: they call us to come over to their section. I find the courage to face them, along with Guarin.

“As I get closer, I receive insults and abuse of every kind. Attached to the netting is a kid who calls me: he wants my shirt.

“Considering his age, he could be my son: I take off my shirt and shorts and throw them to him, as a gift. This kid is in seventh heaven and I am pleased to see him so happy.

“A head of the ultras jumps on him to take away the shirt and throws it back at me. This is when I start insulting him: ‘Piece of ****, you are acting all arrogant with a little kid to show off to the rest of the curva? Do you think you’re hard?’

“In the locker room I am acclaimed as a hero, because nobody had ever faced off that way with one of the fan leaders.”

Icardi also noted that he could bring 100 criminals from Argentina to kill Inter’s Curva Nord fans.

Inter ultras release furious statement

Inter Milan’s biggest ultra group, the Curva Nord, released a statement about Mauro Icardi following the Argentine’s book launch.

“Icardi, as far as we are concerned, you’re finished. Why such squalid fiction? We are horrified, that book is ridiculous and with regards to that incident there are only lies.

“We merely ask for effort and honesty, while he depicts us as threatening figures who gravitate around the club asking for who knows what, so evidently something is wired wrong in his head.

“An individual like this does not deserve the captain’s armband.”

“We don’t want to go back over that day when his own teammates hauled him back by the neck to demand a less arrogant attitude towards the Inter population.

“It is pathetic to read such things talking about us. In his book he writes: ‘I am ready to face them one by one. How many are there? 50, 100, 200? OK, record my message and let him listen: I’ll bring 100 criminals from Argentina who’ll kill them where they stand, then we’ll see.

“He talks about helping little kids, then invents an incident that never happened to make himself seem superior to us, as if it weren’t obvious to all that we are the only Curva that helps kids design the choreography in the stands.

“There are no more excuses. We considered him young, a bit of an idiot (like many), but deep down a good lad. Instead this is an individual who cannot be allowed to wear the Inter armband. It’s not for us, but Inter simply don’t deserve this.

“You are finished with us. You’re done. TAKE THE ARMBAND OFF, YOU CLOWN. Yes, that is what we demand.”

UPDATE: “Surprised and disappointed” Mauro Icardi responded to this letter on Instagram.

Translation comes via Tribal Football and Football Italia.

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