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How the Premier League could have SEVEN teams in the Champions League for 2024/25

Though unlikely, there could be a huge influx of Premier League sides next season.

As many as seven teams from this years Premier League could qualify for the Champions League next season, meaning that over a third of the division could be playing European football in 12 months time.

As things stand, the clubs that finish in the top four of the Premier League automatically qualify for Europe’s top competition.

However, that is set to change. Due to the Champions League format moving from the current 32 teams across eight groups format to a new league system, there will be 36 spots up for grabs.

This, in turn, has likely handed the Premier League an extra spot, with two of the extra places going to the nation with the best-performing sides in Europe.

As per Sky Sports, ‘based on the collective performance of their clubs last season, England and Italy would have both had an additional spot in the Champions League – meaning Liverpool and Atalanta – both fifth in their respective leagues – would have entered the competition.’

Should this repeat, then the team in fifth would also automatically qualify for next season’s competition.

Therefore, should Liverpool or Brighton finish outside the top five but lift the Europa League, they would become a sixth English side in the competition, while the same would be the case should one of Newcastle United, Manchester City, Arsenal or Manchester United miss out on the top five but lift the Champions League trophy, though this seems more unlikely.

In all likelihood then, the Premier League will have a minimum of five spots for next season’s competition, and it will mean a complete re-evaluation of what is considered a successful season.


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