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Gary Neville explains why Arsenal won’t win the Premier League

Gary Neville has been discussing Arsenal’s Premier League title hopes.

Arsenal saw off Tottenham on Sunday evening, picking up a comfortable 2-0 win in the process.

During the same weekend, Manchester City were beaten 2-1 by Manchester United.

This means the Gunners now have an eight-point lead over City and are the only side in the division to have lost just one game all season.

Of course, Arsenal are yet to reach the halfway point of their campaign and still need to  play Manchester City twice, but they are looking the most likely to win the league.

Despite this, Gary Neville has explained why Arsenal will finish 3rd in 2022/23.

Speaking to Sky Sports after a dramatic weekend of action, Neville said: “They won’t win the league. Manchester City will win the league, and I think Manchester United will finish second, and I know that will annoy Arsenal fans!

“I think about watching the Premier League, we’ve seen City sweep up, apart from Liverpool, over the past five years. To think Arsenal could come and win it, it adds to our league, it makes our league great.

“The reality of it is, I think at some point Man City will hit a run. Once they do, they’ve got to play Arsenal twice.

“If Erling Haaland starts to kick on, if City start to purr, if the defence starts to shore up a bit more than it has done, and they need Ruben Dias back if they can, I think City will win it.

“At some point, there will be a very difficult period for Arsenal this season. Is it conceivable that Arsenal are going to continue as they are? I don’t think it is. Could they draw two and lose one in a three-game period, and if they did that, their lead is gone, and the pack is up with them? That’s what I think is going to happen.”


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