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‘Controlled by the corrupt’ Refereeing controversy in Greece as Olympiacos refuse to play second half

Greek football has again been left mired in controversy

Greek side Olympiacos B refused to emerge for the second half of their clash with Kallithea following a pair of refereeing decisions that went against them, later claiming that those in charge of the referees are corrupt and ‘making a mockery of football’.

In the clash between the sides, Olympiacos B took an early lead after just four minutes, but were pegged back just 10 minutes later with the first controversial decision of the game.

As a cross came in from the right, it appeared that two Kallithea players were in offside positions, only for the referee to give the goal.

Disbelief turned to anger after the half hour mark, with Kallithea having taken a 2-1 lead. Olympiacos B thought that they had equalised as a cross from the left hand side was bundled into the back of the net despite the despairing dive of a defender.

The referee, however, had other ideas. He pointed for a free kick against Olympiacos for a handball, something that replays later showed to instead have been committed by the defender, rather than an Olympiacos player.

And the Greek side showed their frustration, refusing to re-emerge for the second half and forcing the game to be suspended.

“Every matchday of Super League 2 football is made a mockery of by punters, delinquents and their pawns and even the few teams that try to produce football are stifled.

“The issue, then, is not the countless alterations in games of our team and always against us, but also in games of other teams, with the referees appointed and controlled by the corrupt Mandalos and Bennett. The supranational FIFA/UEFA Federations and us will be informed about their projects and days at the KED/EPO, with an image from the sad SL2 Championship.”

The issue is that gangrene fills the body of Greek football and every Sunday unlikely guys take exams to be liked by the dirty circuit that unfortunately runs Greek football and Baltakos’ EPO.”

“Everyone is now called to take a position. First the State and the Minister Mr. Avgenakis. Will they let football suffocate in the mud they threw or will they finally make it to the next day? Do they care more about the real teams and their fans and the serious investors, or do they care more about the delinquents and the background?

“Let everyone decide without exception. Either it will be with football or with the swamp. Either it will be next to us to go further and the sport has hope or they will crash together“

It is not the first time that the club have spoken out, with a similar press release having been made just a fortnight prior, during their 0-0 draw with Egaleo.


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