Casemiro opens up on Bruno Fernandes relationship after post-match rows

Manchester United midfielder Casemiro has been discussing his relationship with Bruno Fernandes.

Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes are two of Manchester United’s best players.

However, the pair have come to blows a few times this season.

The Manchester United pair were seen having a heated exchange after United’s recent match with Aston Villa, with a row at Wembley earlier in the season also caught on camera.

However, when discussing his relationship with Bruno, Casemiro insisted he has never had an argument with the Portuguese:

“When I arrived here, I was fortunate Bruno would always help me with the language,” said Casemiro.

“He taught me lots about the club and I have a very good relationship with Bruno, we get on really well. As you get to know him as a player – and I can say this with complete confidence - he’s one of the most important players.

“We could spend all day talking about how good Bruno is, but - and I say this to him - I expect a great deal from him, because he’s one of the most important players in the team. So when he misses a chance, when one of his passes goes astray, we always want him to do everything perfectly, but these are normal conversations.

“I’ve never had an argument with Bruno - the opposite, in fact. I just always demand a lot from him and he demands a lot from me, too. Behind the scenes too, sometimes we’ll say to each other ‘You could have scored, you could have done better there, because you’ve got the quality to do it’.

“He’s an incredible player, someone who brings a great deal to the team, and it’s a pleasure to play alongside him because, in the end, he’s the driving force of the team, the engine.”

The pair are now set to team up for the final time in 2022/23 when they taken on Manchester City in the FA Cup final on Saturday evening.

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