Best football-related YouTube & Instagram accounts to follow during coronavirus isolation

The spread of COVID-19, more commonly referred to as the coronavirus, has seen the footballing world brought very close to a standstill.

Major competitions such as the Premier League, EFLSerie A and La Liga have all been suspended for the time being, whilst both the Euros and the Copa America have been pushed back to 2021.

Many people around the world have been asked to either self-isolate or begin social distancing in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

As a result, you may find yourself with a lot more spare time on your hands. And with the majority of football cancelled for the time being, people will no doubt be looking at other ways to entertain themselves during this difficult period.

Here at 101, we have already provided you with a list of football-related podcasts, documentaries and movies to watch during the coronavirus outbreak.

And now, we are offering you a list of YouTube and Instagram accounts to check out, should you find yourself having to self-isolate.

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With this in mind, here are some of the best football-related YouTube & Instagram accounts to follow over the next few months.

Bundesliga (YouTube)

The official Bundesliga YouTube channel is arguably one of the most entertaining out of the major European league channels.

Boasting over 1.85 million subscribers, the channel is jam-packed with content, and they upload at least once a day.

Whilst some official league sites are just full of highlights from games, which are obviously not taking place at this moment, the Bundesliga has a variety of content such as FIFA related videos and player-focused analysis, like the below piece on Timo Werner.

True Geordie/The Kick Off (YouTube)

For those interested in something more similar to that of a podcast-type setup, the True Geordie and his related channels should be very interesting.

True Geordie’s main channel features a host of top interviews, including a handful with footballing legends such as Alan Shearer and Ian Wright.

True Geordie also runs a second channel, ‘The Kick Off’, which is more focused around debates.

BR Football (YouTube & Instagram)

Bleacher Report Football is available to follow on both YouTube and Instagram.

The YouTube channel is generally filled with FIFA related content or discussions, such as this one concerning Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah.

BR Football’s Instagram account also generally has some funny videos to keep you entertained.


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Keeper almost made a fantastic save…then his head got in the way @premierliga @fclokomotiv

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Squawka Football (Instagram)

For those of you more interested in stats, Squawka Football’s Instagram account will be right up your street.

They provide in-depth statistics several times a day, covering Europe’s major leagues.


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RJ vs. TAA vs. AWB: England are blessed with some brilliant right-backs, all three with a unique style.

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Italian Football TV (YouTube & Instagram)

If you are a fan of Serie A or are interested in learning more about it during the outbreak, Italian Football TV is a must-follow on both YouTube and Instagram.

Their Instagram account has been a particular highlight in the last few weeks, as they attempt to keep spirits high with some hilarious videos from current and ex-Serie A players.


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@francescototti could juggle anything… Including all that toilet paper everyone is stocking up on

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433 (Instagram)

433 doesn’t focus on one specific league, but with over 26m followers, it is one of the biggest football accounts on Instagram.

433 offers a range of content including news and comedic posts.


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@jamesmilnerofficial is on a whole other level of bored

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F2Freestylers (YouTube)

For those more interested in football challenge videos, the F2Freestylers YouTube account will no doubt prove a great watch.

They post content at least once a week, and often have current professional footballers in their videos.

Nepenthez (YouTube)

If you are a fan of football, there is a good chance that you also play FIFA.

As a result, you may be interested in watching some FIFA YouTubers during this period.

One of the biggest and best FIFA content creators is Nepenthez.

Nepenthez has two channels, one of which is largely focused around the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode ‘Draft’.

The second channel generally posts ‘Road to Glory’ videos.

UEFA (YouTube)

The final YouTube account you should follow is UEFA.

UEFA post a wide range of content including interviews with managers and players, game highlights and even Esports.